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Following Libbys blog about help with health costs did you know the following?

1. Even if you don't qualify for free prescriptions you can buy a yearly pass. Not sure of

the cost now but if you get at least 3 things a month you should save money.

2. If you take medicine for a thyroid problem you get all the rest of your prescriptions

free even if they are unrelated to it.

3. If you have an immediate family member who has been diagnosed with glaucoma or

even possible glaucoma you are entitled to free eye tests (not sure if yearly or 2


Bev x

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The annual pass is about £10.50 per month out of your bank direct debit.

I pay £104 for the year.


Or live in scotland they are free,,,,,,, :)

I live close to Scotland, can I have a discount please? ;)

Very helpful for new members hypercat these are the things we are left to learn after diagnoses though members such as yourself taking the time to pass on information.

Thank you sitstand. Hoped people would find it useful.

Bev x

Please keep the information flowing.it is very useful.

Don't foget your free prescription of humour.

Read the KOTC humour show

Sorry Judith, I stand corrected...it's £10.40 per calendar month (so 12 payments a year - spread out over the year) so if you regularly have more than 1 item on a monthly prescription then you will benefit.

Wow its not gone up much then. I used to get this when I was working 3 years ago and the annual cost was 100.00

Bev x

Ssshhh, they might hear!

Believe prescriptions are free in wales too. If you are totally housebound in england I think you can get them too.If you have to pay the prepayment way as above is the cheapest way

Yeah its only England where we have to pay. Wonder why that is?

Bev x

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