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The last time I blogged I was waiting to see if I would get my admission to the Royal Brompton down in London, after my previous admission had been postponed. Well I got my admission and I have been back home a couple of weeks. Haven't been on here much as lot happened during my admission. It wasn't a great visit, emotionally I was all over the place because I was offered Bronochial Thermoplasty and had a lot of think about. Can't say that I was offered a great deal of information or support whilst I was there over making a decision. Spent hours poring over the internet trying to find information and answers to the many questions I had (yes I know RBH should have told me, but with out going into a long story it wasn't forthcoming), spent a fortune talking to my family on my mobile (Our landline bill arrived this morning cor blimey, don't want one like that again, concerned hubby was also ringing my mobile). Came home from my admission emotionally and physically shattered, took a couple days out of thinking about what happened during my hospital stay, and decided to concentrate on something I was interested in.

Which brings me onto the title of this blog, tattoos I love them, always wanted one and have been looking into having one for ages. Hubby thought I would give up on the idea eventually, but me being the bloody minded so and so I am, I found a tattoo parlour with a highly experienced artist and so did the dirty deed last Thursday. And guess what hubby rather likes it, so I now have a dachie tattooed on my right arm. Of course it is still healing, but I am proud of it and love her (yes I have decided it is a her) just like my darling Lottie Daxie Dog. In fact having my tattoo has been a welcome distraction from my stressful admission to hospital. I am back in my world, in my comfortable place where I belong. I am me, I am Lottie's mummy and I am a wife.

Bronochial Thermoplasty is not for me yet, it is too much in its infancy, Bronochial Thermoplasty is offered to patients where all other options have failed. Brittle Asthmatics are considered to have a poor quality of life, and yes in some ways that is true, but for me I didn't feel that RBH were really thinking about me. That might seem a strange thing to say, I was offered no support or advice, they didn't really know me or what I felt about they way I live. I am glad that I have decided not to go through with it, I am glad I can be me again, feels like a weight off my shoulders, and possibly a place to put another tattoo :O)

Huggles to everyone Daxiemad and Lottie Dog

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  • You sound a happier person now. :)

  • Sorry your appointment didn't go too well, but great that you have come to a decision, I know what you mean, it's a weight off your shoulders. Congrats on your tattoo, again it's something you wanted and no-one can take the right to do it away from you. I have one too, a tiny little turquoise cat with an arched back and spiky hair as though it's jumping like they do when they've had a sudden fright. I did it in response to a dare - oh, the folly of youth! Actually, I was 50 and certainly a lot more youthful then! Do I regret it - not at all - it's on my back hip so I forget about it until I'm reminded. I do remember the pain though, it was agony. Give me childbirth any day! You're very brave to think about having another one!

  • OK your decision made, and I sorry they never gave you the support you needed, but maybe, because like you say it is in it's infancy, they could not, (well you know, scared to influence you, when they don't know enough yet themselves). Now give us a picture of your tattoo ... you have made me want to see it ... please :) if at all poss I would like a glimpse :)

  • p.s I always wanted a butterfly , but too chicken

  • Very sorry it did not work out that is a shame,,,,,,, next tattoo might have been a guinea pig,,,,,,, :)

  • Really pleased to hear from you Daxi. Great boost for your moral, to have a tattoo of Lottie. She sounds sucha lovely dog!

  • Cheers guys, you have made me smile this morning, it is a stylised representation of a Dachshund. When it is a bit more healed promise to post a photo of it, It is only a week old. Libby I have never done childbirth, so cannot compare the pain, but the tattoo was definitely over quicker and no where near as painful as some might expect. Psorais I found the specialist a bit evasive when I asked questions, which didn't help, and another consultant told me to go and read some medical journals about BT. So this really didn't help me at all in making an informed choice. I am not ruling it out all together, just happy to wait until it becomes more commonplace.

  • Welcome back Daxiemad :-)

  • Welcome back.Please don't forget your daily tonic

    Read the KOTC laughter show

  • So glad you sound much happier now you have made the decision. Congratulation on the Tattoo! TAD xx

  • Glad to hear that you've made an informed decision on your treatment...think I might well have made the same choice.

    As for tattoos, I got one done last year by a longstanding reputable shop but unfortunately, due to some of my meds, it didn't heal properly...massive blister all over it which burst on third day and skin peeled off to dermal layer creating infection and ruining what would have been a lovely red rose! Took 4 months to heal properly.

    No more tattoos for me although I didn't find it painful...more ticklish, would definitely NOT rather have a baby!

  • Brave Lady :)

  • So glad you have made a decision Daxie but shame that such a normally good hospital could not have been more forthcoming with all the info you needed to make such a decision. I am disappointed with the Brompton as Pete has had good treatment there and we are due to go on the 17th just for a check up. I really do wish you well and good for you having a tattoo done. I would like one too and want my grandson's name on my shoulder but I am a bit of a coward. At 60 I think it is now or never. You take care and love to Lottie dog too. xxxx

  • Good to share your story and to hear you are in a better place

    good luck


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