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Has anyone got experience of coming off long term azithromycin for a month or two at a time?

I've been on azithromycin for 18 months for bronchiectasis and allergic asthma. Consultant suggested I try giving it a break for a couple of months then starting it again. 10 days into this break I've got a hideous cold and feel wheezy. Really tempted just to get straight back on it again as I don't want a chest infection. Or should I stick it out? Does anyone have any advice for coming off long term abs? I'm worried my immune system can't cope without them now.

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I have been on this for 2 years now, very successfully and I didnt even think they may ask me to try without it. It is a bit worrying.

Do you have a Respiratory Nurse you can contact or even phone the Consultants Secretary to see if they can help, you need to get this sorted quickly.

polly xx

I must admit I too would be very worried if they asked me to come off azithromycin. The difference its made is very measurable to me. Any idea why they want you to have a break?

To answer your question I would see if you could have a chat with your consultant.

marie x

Hi Dunfy, I aske my consultant after the first 4 months of Azith whether I would be asked at any stage to stop taking the tablets as I was worried I would be ill again. I felt wonderful for the first time in 3 years. He told me I would be taking them for life. The only time I do not take them is when I have a lung infection and I am taking ordinary antibiotics. Phone your asthma nurse and discuss it. If you do not have an asthma nurse phone the consultants secretary at the hospital and ask for emergency advice as you are very concerned. I have done this and my consultant's secretary has come back with an answer the same day. I hope you have similar luck. I know I would be really worried if I was not taking Azithromycin. Good luck Maximonkey

Thanks all. I haven't been able to get hold of the consultant. Nobody at the practice has a clue. He suggested it as I have been so well since starting on them 18 months ago and I guess it's the only way of knowing whether you really still need them or not. He originally said I would need them for life. Maybe this is his way of showing me I do need them. They were like miracle pills - I forgot I'm suppposed to have bronchiectasis and severe asthma. But now I feel like a wheezy old woman again! Back on them tonight I think. If I get any more info about coming off them I'll let you know. It's good to speak to other people in the same situation. Thanks, Dunfy

PS how long have you all been on them?

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