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My thank you to Alwayssmiling. from KOTC to all HealthUnlockder Poets

.......................Thank you Alwayssmiling for the time and effort you have put into this poetic competition.

I do not know the total of entries other than it was well in excess of forty.

The variety of 'poetic licence' shown by all the entrants was out of this world!

The thoughts ,imaginations etc ran wild.

I feel proud that so many people took part, or made comments even though they felt they could not enter.Next time,I say have a go.

It has really brought our community together in a way we could not imagine.

Thank you once again Alwayssmiling you're a hero in my mind.

Richard KOTC

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Thank-you for your kind words, there is just one thing left to do and that is post the runners up prizes.


Yes, big thanks to you both. It was really good fun. :}


Sorry - :)


Yes a big thank you from me, Mary...aka...Ivyleaf

Ive never done anything like that before,

If you had seen me grinning at this screen today you,d think I had just won lottery.!

Really made my day. we have to think up more things to do....great fun.



A thank you from me also it was great fun and wow 3rd prize yippee!!!. Can I sop staring at the squares now I really should go to bed.xx


PS should be stop see I am tired lol


Great fun from a great lot of people. Well done all. xxxx


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