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Intrigue ! For all to read- KOTC

.................................I WISH THERE WERE VISITING HOURS IN HEAVEN


I digress


.......A Teachers primary school children were discussing a picture of a familly.

One little boy in the picture had different hair colour than the other members.One of her students suggested that he was adopted'

.........A little girl said,''I know all about adoption,I was adopted.''

''What does it mean to be adopted?'' asked another child.,........

.''It means,'' said the little girl.

''that you grew up in your mummy's heart instead of her tummy!''

Richard KOTC


Let your local Breathe Easy group adopt you.

For joining details 03000 030 555 BLF Helpline Mon- Fri 10am-6pm

Why not join both Breathe Easy and British Lung Foundation

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That,s lovely King, & if there were visiting hours I,d be outside the gates waiting for the visitors bell, mind you they,d have a job getting me out after :D


That is fantastic,very moving. :)


Lovely comment, King


Once again king you've come up with another emotional gem, your far from just a joker.

Keep um' coming and yes I'm glad I have been adopted by my local breathe easy group. It seems as though they'll take in just about anybody, I am the proof of that. Ha Ha .

Tony. :)


That's a sweet thought. So fundamental that only a child could get to the real meaning of love.

Thank you, KOTC.

Breathe easy.



An adopting family here for members :-)


That was quite moving,'out of the mouth of babes!' xx


Permission to copy to send to my daughter who adopted a little boy with Down Syndrome 3 years ago, he is now four and one of the best things that happened to our family. Keep smiling.

Carole x


You do not need permission,please pass it on.

with my blessings


Thanks Mr kotc, I too shall pinch it & pass on to my best friend who's recently adopted 2very difficult children on her own. :-) :-) :-)


How lovely and so true. I have an adopted sister and would not be without her. xxx


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