Mouthwash - which do you use?

OK, so I got my Spiriva today and will start using it tomorrow. A recent poster asked about advice and tips when using Spiriva and mouthwash was recommended. From the small selection at my local chemist shop I got Corsodyl Alcohol Free (my late husband used to have Corsodyl on prescription when he was having chemo so I thought it might be a good one). One of it's uses listed is for oral thrush which is something mentioned in the other post. I hadn't got my specs with me so I couldn't read everything on this or the other bottles. I was hoping I could get one for sensitive teeth but couldn't see one.

Anyway, what mouthwash do you use?

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  • Hi, be careful with Corsodyl, I know someone whose teeth turned permanently brown from continued use and I believe discolouration of teeth is quite common with it. It's probably because people don't read the usage instructions, I think it says don't drink tea within a certain period after using Corsodyl. I do use Corsodyl occasionally, if my gums have become sensitive, for example, and it clears up the problem very quickly. Libby

  • Oooh dear, thanks Libby. I'll use this one up and change to a different one next time, I'll have more time to get organised and look for an alternative.

  • I use Corsodyl , but found another one a little cheaper from eco lab just called antiseptic mouth wash. It treats thrush ect Think the shop that sells it is called body care. My dentist advises rubbing sensitive teeth toothpaste on the gums, worth a try. Corsodyl do do one for sensitive teeth. The print on Corsodyl needs a magnifying glass to read even with glasses on I would say, or is it just my poor eyesight!!!!! Good luck with your search or maybe your doctor might be willing to prescribe if it due to the inhalers

  • Agree with you about the magnifying glass Katie, very hard to read. I already use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth but rinsing mouth out with something cold (even when visiting the dentist) is not nice :( .

  • I don't use one or bother rinsing my mouth out after using Spiriva. I don't get thrush so I'm probably one of the lucky ones ! :)

  • When hubby gets oral thrush we buy Difflam from the chemist, not cheap but it certainly works, be careful though do not buy the spray as that is not so effective

  • I just get Sainsbury's ordinary mouthwash. 49p per bottle. I know alcohol free is best, but it is hard to gargle with that as its frothy. So, I'm afraid I get it with alcohol included.

    I reckon another mouthful won't hurt :)

    Lynne xx

  • Never thought about the gargling. The Corsodyl says not to swallow and I'd be worried about possibly swallowing some if gargling went wrong somehow. Maybe I overthink things (is there an "embarassed" smiley? I only know the smile and sad ones.) Will take specs with me next time and read the labels.

  • I wondered what was best to use when I started on my seretide & spiriva and used a mouthwash until I was told by my dentist that I am spitting money down the sink, she told me plain old H2o swilled around my mouth then spat out is just as good.

    I have never had any problems, but everyone is different i must be one of the lucky ones.

  • That is what my consultant told me as well - so I just use water too. Have used Corsodyl when I had an toothache and I am sure it said not to be used within a certain time of using toothpaste as it will cause discolouration

  • I rely on a good good (manual) toothbrush and smokers toothpowder - works for me (and I stopped smoking a long time ago). I do think that we are encouraged to spend on all sorts of things that simply take our money and offer nothing more than a few seconds of extra scrubbing can do!

  • Hi y_not. It's nothing to do with actually cleaning teeth, it's to do with preventing possible problems that using Spiriva may cause. I read this post the other day, noticed it because my COPD nurse suggested I change to Spiriva and I was going to see GP about it. Seems like it can possibly cause dry mouth, hoarseness, tooth decay, maybe oral thrush. Not everyone's going to have a problem with those adverse effects but if anything's preventable then I'm happy to give it a go.

  • SeasideSusie, I understand that it can cause thrush etc. I use Spiriva and, from the information available, it appears that the issue is with oral cleanliness, regular and thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums is as effective as any mouthwash according to the information I read. I follow this procedure and have not experienced any issues.

  • Hi Susie, I have used Spiriva for nearly 8 years and have always rinsed my mouth out with tap water after use (and spitting it out) to prevent the thrush and tooth decay. I then clean my teeth. I have had no problems at all.

  • I totally agree with auntymary, as I also have used Spirica for over 6 years and you only need to rinse your mouth with cold water.

    This is what my doctor told me to do and follows the instructions that come with Sprirva.

  • My nurse said not to use anything after taking spiriva,,water was best,,so i rinse then clean teeth,,,no problems either with thrush

  • Hi Susie, I've been on Spiriva & seretide for over 5years I rinse with plain water then clean my teeth. Mouthwashes can be very drying.

  • I use either Corsodyl or a generic version with identical ingredients. My dentist advised me to do this, so I stick with it despite hating the taste - ugh it stays with you for ages :( I have bleeding gums at the drop of a hat, and believe me I am meticulous about my oral hygiene. I thought twice about posting this as no one wants to admit to gum disease, but as people with copd are 50% more likely to have bleeding gums - or people with bleeding gums are 50% more likely to have copd (not sure which way round it is) I didn't want any one of us that has this problem to feel they are alone in it.

    Oral health is particularly important for us as we don't want those germs travelling to our throat or down our respiratory tract. I have to admit I find cleaning my teeth a bit of a chore these days. I get a bit sob with it and have difficulty with my breathing pattern - I'm only surprised I haven't inhaled any toothpaste into my lungs yet! P.

  • Hi I just use water from the tap an then clean my teeth bliss

  • I use Spiriva and Seretide and rinse thorughly with water before cleaning teeth.

    I do/did have a dry mouth and a tendency to oral thrush bit Gengigel (on prescription) keeps that at bay. A great product for me.

  • Hi everyone, another cheap mouthwash , good for bleeding gums, is warm salt water.Corsodyl is mainly for those with dental issues. Water is a perfectly good rinse to stop side effects of using inhalers. Thanks for info about Gengigel for mouth thrush.

  • I don't always rinse but when I do I use water and gargle. As for oral thrush, if I haven't any Nystann, the pharmasist said use the Vit C tabs you would normally fizz in water, she said put one (I suggest half of one) on the tongue and let it fizz and swollow the fizz until if fully disolved. I don't personally like it but it works.

  • complete rubbish.i have been on spriva 12 years never used a mouthwash. but im convinced spriva has kept me going

  • What, in particular, are you saying is complete rubbish Terrzy?

  • using mouthwash

  • For anyone who's had the misfortune to have the side effect of oral thrush from using Spiriva (it's on the leaflet as one of the "uncommon side effects - experienced by 1 to 10 patients in 1,000) then I wouldn't say it's rubbish. The majority of us probably wont get it but there are some that do and Corsodyl in particular is a treatment for oral thrush. So using a mouthwash, whatever make, may help prevent it happening for those that may be susceptible.

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