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anyone have experience of personal alarms

I live on my own and have had some falls in the past. Wanted a personal alarm but cannot find enough details for comparison. Infact the council site took me to some medical forum. Does anyone know of a good company for this or where to seek advice other than age UKs site which is for their own company only. The government suggests this device is suitable for elderly or disabled or those who live alone.Any help would be appreciated

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Usually the Adult Contact Team (aka Social Services) of a council can help with information about these. In our area they have a council scheme which costs a few pounds a week for a full service of personal alarm, pull cord in the bathroom and 24/7 monitoring.

I don't know any of these companies, nor can I offer recommendation, but I found a few to look at:






Maplin sell a unit for £19.99 - maplin.co.uk/yale-distress-... - which has a fob you carry around or you press a button on the unit and it makes repeat attempts to call up to 3 emergency contacts. It connects to your normal telephone socket. Important note, will probably not work in a power cut as it has a mains adaptor. Same unit on Amazon is £80 :O


Hi, I had an alarm system installed via the social services - it was installed free and it's running costs are means tested. I haven't had to pay anything up to now but it it now being proposed that people will have to make a contribution, depending on the level of service you have. They will just come round and assess you for any help you need. I was reluctant to get involved with social services but it was an easy process, they just come and assess you and once you've got what they deem you need, they will "sign you off", that's how it was for me anyway. Hope this helps! Libby


Hi Katieoxo60

I noticed (by being nosey) that you live in Coventry this is the information you need for them they actually run a service themselves.


coventry.gov.uk/info/313/co... this one takes you straight to the page containing the phone number.

Good Luck



Thanks for all the replys, Gordon you have been busy finding all those web addresses for me thank you so much.Janet thanks for the link, when I tried the city council site I ended up with a different site. I knew we had a local service but in the past I was never assessed for one only things like kettle tippers and kitchen gadgets , grab rails ect.I am registered with the local social services but will try your link thanks.Libby I have to rely on social services in crisis plus OT at the hospital but thank you for your reply also. Will have to get busy on line on Thursday and see what I can come up with from your bundle of help .


Happy to help where I can. I've spent so long on t'internet over the years that searches are quite easy and I can often come up with a few alternatives on things like this.

The info I didn't give is probably of more use to you - phone 024 7683 2658 or email communications-centre@coventry.gov.uk and mention the Coventry Careline service :) More info: coventry.gov.uk/info/242/ca...



or fill in the form at



thanks for extra info


Just to let you know I tried all the sites you gave me, very helpful not a vast difference in prices just the service you get. Tried the coventry sites however and no joy like before.But the OT are coming out Monday about another issue, so I might ask them before I report the fault to the local council, once again thanks fore your time


hello while you are thinking about the emergency system it might be a good idea to look at key safe which fits on the outside of your door so that emergency people can get in as they have a key to unlock the safe, so no need to break the door down,


You can get an app for mobile phone ... to use in emergency...it sends texts and also rings 3 numbers you have chosen.


Thanks richardcrossroads, I was aware of the key safes, think they are cheaper if you have them at the same time as a personal alarm . Didn't know about the mobile app though juliekay learn something everyday much appreciated


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