ITS A BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now a grandad to GREGOR ALEXANDER DAVIES,,DAVIES IS PRONOUNCED THE WELSH WAY,,,, 7lb 7oz baby boy,,,mother and son doing very well,,,.She had a very traumatic labour,,they had to send her from oban,,to glasgow,,,halfway there the waters broke,,as they do.... They had to continue on to glasgow as her contractions were not strong enough,,, and had emergancy C section total labour time 48 hrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,..All well now she and baby and dad back home all safe and well,,,the happiest little bunny in the world,,her being classed as a old mother at 37,,,,,,, MAGIC,,,,, :) :) :)

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  • .. and that's what life is all about. Congratulations grandad! (and mum too of course!) ;0

  • Congratulations all of you ! :)

  • Many congratulations! I bet Mom is a bit tired and in discomfort, the poor thing. My mother was also a Davies from Llansamlet.

    Lynne xx

  • She is very tired but ever so happy xxx

  • Congratulations, id2409 appreciate every single moment with Gregor - they grow up so fast.


  • I had put a blog on before,,, the day she gave birth... however things like name,,heath of mother and child,, were poss a bit iffy for a wee while but all turned out well,,,,,,:)...So think it was time to let all know the name who were so good on the first blog.HOPING TO GET TO SEE THE WEE RASCAL SOON,,, BUT BEEN CHESTY AND SNIFFLY,,,,SO DECIDED TO STAY AT LONG DISTANCE,,BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY FOR MY DAUGHTER AND BABY... :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS GRANDDAD :D It,s a brilliant feeling when they are all safe & well, My Nan was a Davies & I had no idea there was any way but the Welsh one to say it :) me being Welsh an all :D Say Congrats to Granny from us all & trust me you will be wrapped in cotton wool so you keep well, as I,m sure the boss of the house will be in the car just waiting to get the cuddles in :) I,m so pleased for you both & glad everyone safe & well :)

  • Hey that means we are related,,,,,,, where are my 63xmas presents,,,,,,, :(

  • Oh they must be in the same cupboard you,ve put mine in :) & when you hand over the key I,ll nip & get them :D

  • Congratulations to all, glad they are all doing well.


  • Happy news granddad id2409.

    Lib x

  • CONGRATULATIONS to you all!! lots of love TAD xx

  • best news I've heard yet today id, well done!!! sorry you have to postpone your cuddle but get well soon and then you can enjoy seeing your dear daughter and her precious bundle

    it's been a worrying time for you hasn't it so you must be hugely relieved and happy :)

    ff x

  • Still stuck to the ceiling,,:)

  • Wow what a name for such a little one but he will grow into it. Enjoy him when you can get to see him which wont to long I hope. :D


    ps. I had to wait until my daughter was 37 too before I had my first grandson ;)

  • Congratulations to you all from all of us here at the BLF helpline.

  • Congratulations, glad to hear all are ok, now apply for that second morgage you,ll need it. Bless his little cotton socks. ??

  • Ah, that is lovely news, congratulations to you all!

  • Congratulations, glad mother and baby now doing well.xx

    PS is there any other way to say Davies lol

  • Just had another thought your grandson just born mine just wed..........I had to wait 26 years for it to happen mind.

  • Wet the babies head id2409 congratulations grandad and family.

  • A lovely happy moment. Congratualtions to you and your family, a great strong name. New life is so exciting and I am pleased that they are all home safe. :)

  • I am green with envy ID. I would love grandchildren - I was going to say 'I'm not holding my breath but ............'!!! (lol)

    The baby's name is wonderful.

    I understand, from a friend, that babies born by C Section are usually calm and happy laid back babies. Your daughter, and you, must be thrilled that everything turned out well - poor girl having to go through so much. I hope that she gets over her op soon.




  • Wow !! A grandad eh ? Well done that man :)

    Congratulations and best wishes too to mum and dad and a big warm Croeso to the world to Gregor Alexander Davies ... with an impressive name like that he's bound to go far :)

  • Congratulations ID and mom too - a new life into the world. Big big smiles for you here, bet you feel high as a kite - enjoy. And everybody well, hey good day.


  • Congratulations grandpa!

  • A big congratulations to you all,hope you are able to get a cuddle soon! xxx

  • Congrats Grandpa. xx

  • Congratulations and celebrations


  • Congratulations - You are in for a lovely time. Children love there grandparents.

  • Many congratulations to you and family. Having a grandchild is so amazing and what a lovely name. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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