Be True to yourself

There never has been nor ever will be another YOU, ever in the history of humanity & therefore that's to be CELEBRATED not commiserated! How on earth do we know what's going on within another person, no matter how good or fabulous their life looks on the outside? We can NEVER be like another person the same way as they can NEVER be like us!

So many people 'wear masks' to protect themselves from the ravages of a judgemental society & are therefore living an unauthentic life that in itself is full of misery & suffering. And yet, strangely enough, other people are looking at THEM & wanting to be like THEM just because of how wonderful their life looks on the OUTSIDE, when in fact, in many cases, their life can actually be a crumbling misery! Never judge a book by it's cover, even if it has a gold plated title!

Comparing ourselves with others is a complete waste of our time & energy & actually takes our focus off becoming the shining difference that we are! Polish & hone the beautiful differences that make you stand out from the crowd & make you exactly who you are, unique from everybody else! I THANK GOD there's only one like me in this world & that I'm the cracked egg in my own family! LOL!

The entire world is crying out for people who are courageous & brave enough to just be themselves . . . for THEY will be the shining light of inspiration for others to follow! I love that saying, "Don't try to be like someone else, they're already taken!" . . . Enjoy a FABULOUS day my lovely friends . . . . & let your differences shine for all the world to see!

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  • Thanks Stitch,glad you enjoyed it! xx

  • Wendells - this is fabulous and so true. I have reached the ripe young age of 61 and due to various reasons throughout my life have suffered very low self esteem. However, the good news is I have turned the corner and I wake up now and think ' Yes Lizzie you are a good person and fantastic' !! We are bombarded by advertising as to how we should look - who gives a toss quite frankly. Whats more important is how we treat each other. I try to surround myself with people who enhance my life and hopefully can return the favour. Maybe just maybe this massive change in my outlook is all down to quitting the fags - who knows? Could also be that in 2 weeks time am moving out of very grotty area of Cardiff to Penarth and will be 5 minutes from the sea!! Cant wait to leave Bleak House!!! ha ha Lizzie

  • Oh Lizzie, so happy for you!! You have taken charge of your life indeed.Congrats on the quitting the fags! How exciting for you,going to move to the sea side,that will realy lift your spirits.Its good to hear such positive words from you, and yes surrounding yourself with like people,does have a good effect!.Goodbye bleak house forever!!! xxx

  • Great post Wendells. It took me a while to get to that realisation, but what a difference it has made to the way I now live my life.

  • Thats fantastic to hear! Never mind how long it takes,as long as you finally find peace,as thats what it gives you xxx

  • This is something that I've celebrated in life for a long time despite being the black sheep of my I taught my daughter 'you can't please everyone so just please yourself'.


  • Lucky,being the black sheep of the family,sometimes give us more empathy,and kindness to

  • I understand what you are saying but it is not always easy,

    I was about to say to lizziec1 "How wonderfull, wish it was me going to live by the sea"

    polly xx

  • No its not always easy Polly,but good things are worth working hard at!

    Lizzie,is a lucky lady,and she has the summer to look forward to! xx

  • Very true,,, a cracker of a post,, :)

  • Thanks id! xxx

  • Super post.

    Being true to yourself is one of the best motto's around. It is not always 100% possible especially when others feeling come in to the equation but you have to keep trying. Great start to a Monday Thanks


  • Absolutely Janet! It certainly does not mean,ignoring others feelings,far from it! xx

  • Hi Wendells,

    I always try and live by what I believe but with a little bit of give and take thrown in.

    Thats a great post you have put on and will surely attract a lot of interesting comments.

    Tony xx

  • I'm sure you do Tony! Certainly a little give and take,is always a must,& to be aware of others feelings! xxx

    PS Hope you recieve some good news soon!

  • Wonderful post, Wendells. But not me because I have my imperfections which I admit, but I know I can get on with people. Try showing it to our politicians. (or yours). I appreciate the mening well, but cant raise to dizzy heights like that. Love Annie80

  • Bless you Annie,I am sure you have reached those heights already! You admit, you get on with people,and we all have our imperfections,nobodys without them,including the pollies,HA HA. Love Wendells xxx

  • Great post Wendells but I am one of those who have spent most of my life trying to please others. I am always keeping everything just ticking along nicely and sometimes have been screaming inside my head! I will try and be more true to myself though and who knows a new me could be on the horizon. Thanks for making me think. xxxx

  • Great going Sassy,always good to have something to think about! You sound a lovely person,but always trying to please others, can become very tiring,as you are finding!!

    You obivously are important in some peoples lives,just take care of YOU,also,and find some time for yourself xxx

  • Thanks for your kind words Wendells, much appreciated and I will heed your advice. You take care too. xxx

  • I found ME in 1988-90 & 93-4 & again 98-2000, the my families expectations of me (which are lower than a snakes belly) brought the Me they know back to earth & that ME will never see light of day again as i,m no longer physically or mentally capable of being her :( however don,t be sad for me cause when I was ME I by god I had the greatest time :D

  • Dont be daft,,,, a rabbit is a rabbit,, is a rabbit,,,, a silly witch,,is a silly witch,, is a silly witch,,, you just hiding your me,,, it is lurking under the duvet somewhere,,or hiding in the pink walls,,PINK,!!!!!!!!! JESUS x :)

  • Which part of Sky Blue Pink don't you get? read it again! :D & ME peeps out on here sometimes thanks id x

  • I wont be sad for you(maybe a little!) As you have so many happy memories,of when you succeded earlier,good on you!!

    Dont lose the real you though,i'm sure she is still there,even if in small doses!

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • Thanks Wendells, I,ll keep looking :) xxx

  • As old as you have ever been as young as you are going to be with each passing day celebrated as a new horizon for the new you that can change as conditions change.

    Be a new true to your self person each day :-)

  • Lovely xx

  • Oh thank you Wendells, we all need reminding from time to time.

    Great post.

    Notwithstanding some of the odd goings on here recently there are lots of smashing people here.


  • We may be a little bit different,,,, homebreeze,,,, but we are not odd,, strange,possible,, daft,possible,,off our little heads,most likley,,,It is all the fault of our medication,you see,,,.We dont need booze to see pink elephants they are there already,,,that is my excuse any way,,,,,have a great day yeeeee haaaaaaa :)

  • I found some of the darker sides of people on display definitely odd - the slightly daffy side I feel part of,


  • Hear, hear Chris. x

  • Oh Chris,glad you liked it! They are a lovely bunch of people,but like familys I guess we cant always agree,or have the same interests.Just keep away from whom annoys you!!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Well said Wendells, much appreciated for the inspiration inspired blog.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Helen! xx

  • I practice Buddhism and yr blog is very Buddhist

  • Wow! cant claim to be one I'm afraid.Have read a few Buddhist teachings, as I have read of some lovely Islamic ones as well.Its a shame that due to ignorance & racism that we dont see the whole picture sometimes.xx

  • That is why I practice Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism it teaches that everyone is equal x

  • Thank you Wendells a very uplifting post as always. The fright of this diagnosis has made me stop rolliking through life in what I now know to be a very selfish manner and realising that there are ill people out there who have coped with illness some in fact from childhood.

    This realisation has put a stop to my gallop in many ways and I know I am a better person

    now. Enjoy your life by the sea Lizzie and cheers everybody!

  • Good to hear from you lavender,yes,it is amazing that when we are faced with our own illness,we seem to have a lot of empathy, to others,who are fighting there own battles.When healhy,we are probably more selfish, not being so aware,I suppose. xxx

  • Katyxyz is right Wendells, it's very ZEN. Definitely something to aspire to and yes, Homebreeze, most people on this site are good and kind, like you.

    (I must stop shouting at my iPad when it does predictive text that I don't want)

    Lynne xx

  • Lynne,I am still laughing, so pleased that somone else shouts at there i

    pad!! I'm not Buddhist by the way!

    Agree with you,on your comments to Homebreeze,dont let a few spoil it!!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Good one! xx

  • Love reading your post, Wendells - thank you for sharing.....Lovelight xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed it lovelight (what a pretty name) xxx

  • Excellent once again Wendells.

    Read the KOTC laughter show

    Your daily tonic

  • Always make a point of it, to start my day,KOTC! xxx

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