Feeling awful with a cold

My husband has very kindly shared his cold with me. I am streaming and feel awful. Have spent most of the weekend in bed! I must go into work tomorrow morning but might come home at lunchtime. We are going to Germany on Thursday for a long weekend of fun. Hope I'm ok by then. I'm keeping a close eye on my chest as it is hurting and the dreaded phlegm is on the turn. Might be emergency antibiotics soon! I'm only allowed paracetomol not lens up etc. I have found milk honey and whisky with 2 paracetomol helps at night.

I think my packing for Germany could be interesting!

KOTC's posts are a good tonic as well!


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  • Should be lemsip!

  • try and get some maluca honey,,,works a treat,,get mine from the health shop,,has natural anti some thing or other in it,,,where is it when you need to read the label,,,mix with warm milk,,or whisky,,

  • I use that honey when I remember, it,s good stuff, the higher the number the better! but it,s a bit expensive, they use it in some hospitals on wounds as well!

  • Don't you mean Manuka? Don't mean to sound pedantic but could be embarrassing to walk in a shop and ask for the wrong thing. No offence intended.

    My mum-in-law asks for arse hole instead of asilone for indigestion! :)

  • Lucky you do come out with some, that made me chuckle, what a sense of humour.

    polly xx

  • My father-in-law used to call one of the shrubs in the garden a haemorrhoid bush too because it got berries like bunches of grapes. They are sooo funny. Sadly he passed away about 7/8 years ago, I miss him very much but was also glad that he didn't live to see his precious son have his strokes...that would have finished him off anyway I think.

  • Just reading this made me lol ha ha

  • I would make an appointment with your gp and get you self checked out no fun if you have a chest infection. I'm on the other end of a virus my hubby shared with me two weeks ago, I ended up with a sinus infection not as bad as a chest infection but it's still knocked me for six. One other thing I got oral thrush from being on the anti b and the steroid inhaler had to get a script fro the dr for it so might be an ideato bring something with you for that as well. Enjoy your holiday.

  • You have a great time,,i love germany best sausages in the world,,,yum yum,,,, :)

  • Beware of horse meat sausages...

  • You dont have to worry you can easily be diagnosed if you have eaten to much horsemeat,,, 1 you start pooing on the carpet,,,2 you start grazing on the lawn,,,3 rolling on your back making happy horsey noises,,,, 4 the final one is uncurable end stage,,, eating and pooing and peeing all at the same time,,,,, then its the knackers yard for you,,,, :)

  • Thank you for all the comments. I'm vegetarian so no sausages for me but I'll keep an eye on my husband! Slept ok last night thanks to my soya milk drink and olbas oil. I went to work for a couple of hours then came home and gave slept. I nebulise antibiotics twice a day but do have back up oral antibiotics. If I still feel rough tomorrow I shall get checked out before we go.


  • Enought meds to kill a horse! Have a super time = their beer also cures lung problems.

  • Have somefun before you go

    Read the KOTC laughter show

    Your daily tonic

  • You certainly are an excellent tonic

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