Lots of hot air balloons

At 7-30 am a gaggle? a flock? (what do you call alot of hot air balloons) past our house looking for somewhere to come down, they went down in various places, they looked so magnificent with the blue sky and sunshine. We were hoping one would land on our patch because if they do they give you a bottle of whisky. The occupants must have been very cold and I would have asked them in for a warm and cup of tea for two bottles of whisky.. Think it must have been some sort of balloon convention?, rally? there were so many.

Lib x

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  • We get this at the end of the 'Three Counties show' every year, if the weather is right for it. All shapes and sizes, great is'nt it.


  • Did you see Mark in the red blf balloon ?

  • a 'puff' of hot air balloons?

  • No pictures - no camera ! A puff of hot air balloons sounds good.

    Lib x

  • A puff sounds about right to me as well ! :)

  • Pretty balloons? Bah humbug. I once spent £170 on a new whoopee wonderful radio ariel on the roof of my house. Two days later a balloon basket carried it away. Luckily I got his number but it still took about eight months to get the money for the ariel.

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