We are arguing about silly things,that have no place in our lives.Is it the weather,global warming,famine,war reports,impending war reports,deppressing news,in the press and on tv,money worries.Or is this a world wide trend nowadays,I AM FED UP WITH IT, SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON PEOPLE.................................

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  • What matters to the people in communities like this is caring about and respecting each other. That is seen as a threat by the people "in charge". So they use their power and their control over what the press and media tell us to worry about.

    They want you to be terrified of North Korea so that you don't notice that they are stealing your money while you're not watching.

    They try their hardest to make ordinary people distrust each other and resent any help which many of us willingly give to people in need.

    Call the recipients scroungers or skivers and we will feel guilty about supporting them. That's the theory. If you don't believe it try reading the Daily Mail which trumpeted that the appalling atrocities committed by Philpott are all because he was on benefits!

    How many hospitals could be built for the price of one Trident submarine? But of course we need a sub floating around in the Atlantic to scare the Koreans!

    Rant over.

  • That was not a rant,,,,,, it was a fact !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Must be the weather why people are extra touchy and sensitive at the moment, lifes too short to bother about futile things.

    Lib x

  • I don't Know about the wider world,I have enough problems understanding his lordship! I,m more concerned with whats happening on this site :( I know i,ve only been a "member" for a few weeks & I've been wrong before & no doubt will be again! I noticed last night things were getting a bit "heated" on here & it worries me, I like all of you, whether we would get on in "real life" is debatable but it,s not easy to communicate in type. There are no facial expressions to go on (except those shown me by Gordon) :) & tone of voice is difficult to discern unless it,s blatently kind or nasty & whilst we might let something slip in face to face conversation, on here it,s jumped on:( I thought King was being sensitive last night) but our age plays a part in our view of "language" & a simple oops would have set matters right,

    I,ve seen a post on here this morning that is just down right nasty in my view & I can see no need for it. But these are just my opinions & I have to mention in the interest of fairness that without Kings blogs 1 i wouldn't have joined! 2 they have pulled me out of a dark place more than once (thank you King) so can we all try even harder to be kind, tolerant, & aware of age & education standards? & before you all put on the hob nailed boots to kick me with yes I,m aware the majority of you already do.

    Here endeth my rant of the day & if i,ve missed the point of your blog id I,m sorry hun xx

  • You hit the nail bang on sillwitch,,, you a clever little witch,,,,,, :)

  • Thank the lord! I,ve been looking for a tin hat & had cushion down pants :D

  • MMMmmmmmmm

  • now now fella!

  • I was taught at Hogwarts :D

  • hahahahahhahhhhaahahahahhahahaahahahah

  • :D

  • Here endeth the first lesson. sillywitch chapter 1 KOTC jokes continuing

  • OOOOOOooooooo goody :)

  • Thank God I would have cried if you left, I wasn't sure if this site was what I needed until I read some of your blogs & I really was ready to hand my cards in but you made me laugh & the only thing that has kept me going over the years was my sense of humor, I lost it for a while but you found it again for me bless you xxx karen

  • I have said this before. Things are not taken in the context meant because of lack of tone of voice or facial expression so can be misunderstood at times. I do think that most of us just like to blow of steam sometimes and of course have different opinions but KOTC has made me laugh out loud so many times and this site would be all the poorer without him. You make a very good point and are not such a sillywitch are you? xxxxxx

  • Silly witch - I have been watching your posts and reading them with interest, but is it a mistake to be too outspoken abut other people and their blogs.I have noticed that there are disagreements. People have their say and then it is forgotten. Best to read the blogs, and then move on. They shouldn't have to moderate their views because of a minority opinion. Dont read what bothers you!

    People come on to this site to unload. Let them do it. They shouldn't have to watch what they say. The moderator will do that. Mistake to call other people's blogs nasty. Personally I have no recollection of anything nasty.

  • Thanks annie for your words of caution, I will take them on board & try to be more circumspect in my comments in the future xx

  • Think I might take my own advice and apply it to ME! But nice meeting you, silly witch. Feel we could have a good jaw!

  • You to annie, message me any time i,m on here xx karen

  • Ditto xx

  • The abusive behaviour of a small minority that would enforce their views as they forget the true purpose of a support forum is supporting members .

    Using nasty comments amongst vulnerable members when kindness and tolerance are what we need most understanding that we have common ground in illness.

    A very valuable member zoee was driven away with posts made in the wrong spirit please forget our differences and concentrate our minds on what we have in common.

  • BANG ON,,, have a drink on me ,,,,,,,,,, :)

  • I agree totally

  • He is not a troll,everyone has different standards,,he only expressed a opinion,,,,which we are all allowed to do,,,, he is a very nice guy,,,or girl,,,so is stitch,,,, :)

  • Full blooded mail

  • your profile pic is a bit iffy,,,, mate :)

  • How can any doubt be cast on Richard (KOTC) he was in the magazine we all know he does very good work.

  • The point is,we are all in the same boat health wise, so allowances should be made on both sides..The moderator will sort out the idiots,,,,,,,, :)

  • May the force be with you also id2409 I meant no offense with my post I was unaware of the last evenings events when making my remarks with humour.

  • no worries mate,,,you enjoy your sunday,,there was no need to apoligise,, it was taken in good humor,,,you are now promoted to a jedi warrior,,,,,,,,,,, :)

  • End of month and first ten days are horific ... But what do i know am just a guy .. Agee with all coments .. Like you say some just like bating others

  • Cheer up mate,,,we are all behind you,,,think some are pushing harder than others though,,,,,hhahahahahhaahhh,,,,, :)

  • WHO ARE YOU CALLING DAMM TOUCHY calm and relaxed are the only way for a sunny Sunday morning with pleasant company have a fun day without all the negatives that can be found with a glass half empty.

  • The pont is,,we need to be more tolerant towards each other,and not get picky if the spelling is wrong ect or do not agree with the blog,,, may the force be with you,, :)

  • I too have noticed a growing tendency for people trying to stir things up. Any threads that are clearly going to be contentious are best avoided, in my view. Life is too short.

    Other threads where people quite rightly have differing views are bound to lead to trouble on occasion. I rarely comment on politics, charitable donations, third world poverty and Government policies as I know my views will, at times, not be the same as others.

    I will certainly never comment on anything that smacks of racism or bigotry as I cannot abide those things.

    So, I tend to comment on cheerful posts or those about our conditions or about our achievements.

    I would suggest people don't jump too quickly to accuse others of being trolls either. That too has landed people in trouble on this site in the past.

    Here's to a happier site.

    Lynne xx

  • SPOT ON,, X :)

  • Precisely, well said Lynne.

    Do people really have multiple identities in order to stir up trouble - wow.


  • Very sad if they do,,,far to much nit picking going on,,,,,we are all ill and should be helping each other................. :)

  • Good Grief but why - I don't understand, what's the point ?

    I am bewildered by what has been occurring here the past few days.

    The site turns out to be a lot different than I first thought - sad.


  • Use own experience not horror stories some dodgy language but nothing more for the moderators that tidy up after members.

  • No worries homebreeze,,,, just look at the blog,,,then check the comments,,,if you dont like what you see,,,just dont respond...If you put a blog up and you get a idiot responding,,just press report,,then let the moderator deal with it,,,you do not have to respond to any comment,,only the ones you wish to,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

  • I must follow those wise words, id2409

  • my thoughts exactly HB. I for one have been very worried this weekend re impending appointment with consultant today.

    I was put off from expressing my thoughts, fears and feelings regarding my health.

    I have learnt so much from kind members over the last few weeks too. Yes, sad.

  • Here, here Lynne, am in bed drinking shed loads of tea - just happened to look out of the window and got a rare glimpse of a family of lesser spotted trolls off to work in Cardiff!!! Ha Lizzie x

  • Good post Lynne.

    Lib x

  • Well put Lynne! xxx

  • Most of the heated debate taking place has no relation to lung conditions.


    communication failed


    this blog lost the inform and educate amongst nit picking


    this is a lung site for lung patients support. The moderators decide the best way for running a site can we support them as we support each other.

  • WEll now, could you put that in plain english please,without going in the huff,,, :)

  • Only huffing when I clear my chest more than that takes away from making what I can of the life I have.

    In the event of boredom google search how many angels can dance on the head of a pin the answer will not advance lung knowledge but will kill time that could have been better spent.

  • That is what the blog is about,,far to much nit picking going on,,stupid stuff spelling,bad grammer,,, ect ect,,when we should be helping each other out,,, humor yes,, a wee laugh yes,,but no assasinations if someone has a different opinion on a subject..I do believe those who responded are 99% in agreement,,, keep well.. :)

  • I belive that this blog is now over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No offence was meant to any one on this site!!!!!!!!!! and i hope none was taken..THIS IS A GOOD SITE LET,, US,,,THE USERS NOT SPOIL IT..............

  • That is quite right id, if people choose to use foul language or post offensive material, that is the business of the moderators who are entrusted to moderate as best they can, without all this ridiculous intolerant behavior, in making judgements of others, can we all show some respect or at least refrain from adding to any suffering of vulnerable people who need support not abuse

  • if you don't like a post then report it then the moderators will know what to look for and also the member who reported it remains anonymous which is a good outcome ll round I say.

  • The advice Mark Pilling from the BLF has given on many occasions

  • Why can't we edit our posts ? I missed the " a " out of " all " and it's frustrating ! I don't want to delete my post as it will be out of context if I do it again. Grrr.. :)

  • Drives me mad too - don't mind other people's mistakes, but hate my own.

  • Stressed out is bad for lungs only human the odd slip up.

  • Even the closest family argue. Its not the arguing which is important it is the making up. Accepting we are all very different people and respecting others opinions is what its all about. And being able to say we disagree without anyone getting 'nasty' is very important.

    If at the end of the day we can do this we can continue to be one happy family.

    Keep all your words soft and sweet. You never know which ones you might have to eat.

    Bev x

  • I make you right there, I get to row with my sons and hubby, and then make up. I suppose it is like a kind of release of tension, Take this evening, we have 7 people living in our little 3 bed semi, and son no.1 takes a shower and 1 hour 15 mins later I am banging on the door in desperation, causes a family row that lasted 25 mins, and we all shouted about absolutely anything that had been building up (easy to build things up when in such cramped conditions and 3 have a cold and they all know I can't catch it - else their laundry won't get done) But how do you get that relief if you live alone, or it just you and a not so nice hubby , or you , not very well and grown up child that you don't want to move out ... well I am here .. you can private message me and rant... cos I will understand .. As sometimes I rant about the most insignificant and maybe the blog bit is the wrong place cos it makes others upset and I am sure that not the intention so next time any one wants to rant but they not quite sure it should be public then use my private mail thingy

  • Terry Pratchett ism:-

    "You're being reasonable again! You're deliberately seeing everyone's point of view! Can't you try to be unfair even once?" ~Constable Angua von Überwald to Captain Carrot Ironfounderson

    Keep smiling everyone.

  • i dont thinki have upset anyone, i try to be understanding, but some of the comment to people blog are affensive at times, but then we are a mixed bunch


  • Forums consist of many things, social chitchat, problem solving, jokes and many other things. With discussions, things will get heated. People believe so much in what they are saying, that they fail to take in any opposing views.

    Think it is a mistake to think that trolls have crept in. Not always! I like the benefits of a good discussion ,and to hear opposing views. But it is bad to start being militant.

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