Best day of the year

What a lovely day it has been - despite totally rubbish breathing I have sat on my balcony for most of the afternoon on my swingy seat, ingesting every ray of the sun in case there is no more; put on a dress for the first time this year; watched the cat try to 'kill' a plastic flowerpot; eaten three Fry's chocolate cream bars; watched Dr Who; done some design work; read all the blogs and laughed, cried and empathized; and am now going to Olbas Oil the heck out of my pillow and hopefully do it all again tomorrow!

I wish all those who are having aggravation, upset and worry in their lives currently a calmer, nicer space to be in and that tomorrow will bring better things.

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Thanks Scrobbitty for your wishes and I am glad you have had a great day. We have had sun and today I have also had the best day since christmas. I went to see my friend today and it is a long time since I have done that. We bought pasta and then went to her mums house who has sadly passed away in February and we ate our pasta whist watching her mums dog chase birds in the garden. I got poorly in January this year, and was very happy because normally I get sick at christmas, but I just thought it was bad luck. Found out this March it Emphysema and asthma. My friend and I used to meet every Friday. But now she lives at her mums house because of the animals her mum has left behind. Life is different for us both just as we hit 50 we have been friends since 14 years old. But it has changed for different reasons. But it is lovely when a little bit of normal happens, something we used to take for granted every Friday. Many wishes for a few more good days in the coming weeks/months


although we did our normal on a Saturday :) Lol

At last eh. Isn't wonderful how the sun lifts us. I'm so glad you had a lovely day and wish you many more of them with your friend.

I like your 'little bit of normal', brilliant expression. Have a good day today as well. Penelope........ BTW Anna is a lovely name - the name I gave my first daughter :-)

How welcome it is to hear of people quietly having a good time. No drama just groovin along taking things as they come and ok with that.

Good for you and long may it continue - blogs and comments like these elevate us all


I dips me lid as well!! xxx

Wonderful blog - doesn't the sun make all the difference? Sounds like you were having a really lovely day especially on a swingy seat and the chocolate treats. Thats how life should be and am happy for you. L

Glad you had a good day, what a lovely blog! M

long may it last we may have a summer we can all get excited about !!!!

Thank you all for your lovely comments and input. I firmly believe in taking joy from the little things, I have come to the conclusion that by 'sweating the small stuff' it obscures all the good bits of our lives and despite all the various traumas in our lives, every day you wake up is a good day! The sun is back, the coffee has brewed so the cat and I are balcony bound.....

Oh!! Yes definately olbas, never failed me yet, dont understand why my specislist had never heard of it, now he recomends it. Its amazing how something so simple can go so much good.

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