In reply to johnwr's ''Walking Eagle''

I don't wish to be a spoil sport ,but I do not like to see bad/offensive language on this site.I do not use it in my humour as I have no reason to see that it enhances anything or makes something funnier.Let us all,please, try to keep our HealthUnlocked site informative,welcoming, with a little light hearted humour thrown in.Thus keeping our community strong.

Sometimes people do not realise the meaning of the expletives that they are using.

Let KOTC explain:-

.............................................NAUTICAL HISTORY

An interesting fact:

MANURE:In the16th and 17th centuries,everything had to be transported by ship

and it was also before the invention of commercial fertilizers,

so large shipments of manure were quite common.

It was shipped dry,because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet,but once water(at sea) hit it,not only did it become heavier,but the process of fermentation began again,of which a by product is methane gas of course.As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could and did happen.Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came below at nightwith a lantern,BOOM!

Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was determined just what was happening.

Afterthat,the bundles of manure were always stamped with the instruction'stow high in transit'

on them,which meant for the sailors to stow it high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this vlatile cargo and start the production ofmethane.

Thus evolved the term 'S.H.I.T',(Stow High In Transit) which has come down through the centuries and is in use to this very day

You probably didn't know the true history of this word.



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  • Swearing might not bother you stitch,but I see no reason to use it on this site.

    Let us just keep the site nice and clean and enjoyable for all

  • Should I delete my poem/rhyme from the contest King I,d hate to upset you & to be honest it,s really useless :(

  • It's a good poem.It doesn't upset me.I just don't want to offend HealthUnlockders in any shape or form.

  • Please read my comments below.

  • I agree, Stitch. Since I have been on this friendly site, I have learned to "hang loose" and enjoy people. Know I have made mistakes but have learned from them.

  • hi stich we all come from every walk of life no one is perfect i was brought up O O soooo but dealing with drivers u learn i have run my own business and i know u have to learn they r as desperate as u and i just give them a chance please help them dont condem them i have learnt a lot from them and that is there frustration please help them and understand we all live in our own little world please dont judge people most of my drivers from years ago still keep in contact with me dont put them down they need help and are frustrated like the rest of us show a bit understanding and kindness please dont turn them away thats the only way they can express themselves they know any better x

  • As Stitch says, we all have our own pet hates.

    For me some humour is unpleasant and unwelcoming and maybe you will think me a spoilsport with what Im going to say now.

    I dont like to see supposed humorous references to "dark meat" as i did in one of your jokes around xmas time. I'm sure you didnt mean to be racist, KOTC, and people may think "oh it's just a joke" but this kind of sexualisation of black people through phrases like dark meat is part of a much wider racist discourse, and casual use of such phrases in jokes etc, is one end of a spectrum the other end of which is the gross enactments of racism which still take place on a daily basis against many people in this country.

    You talk about being welcoming but this language isnt likely to make people of colour feel welcome on this site. Im sorry to bring this up so long - I should have said something then, but it feels relevant now to what you've said above

  • Not a joke to those on the receiving end Stitch.

    Re BLF, maybe they could let us know where they draw the line. Is a joke ok if lots of people are enjoying it?

    Personally i think its better if members take up issues openly here, rather than asking for deletion except in the most extreme circumstances.

  • I have never posted a joke about race ,gender or colour within the context that you mean

  • I think some members are argumentative saying things which damage this group which is something that I believe you are trying to prevent harm creating a stronger community with friendship.

  • I do not remember the comment about the meat.Please enlighten me.

  • I remember the phrase more than the whole joke, but i think it was a seasonal joke in the form of a list of things which compared having sex to roast turkey - one of the list being something like "I like a bit of dark meat". This is a phrase that has been used to describe having sex with black women (usually women), i guess the blog must be in the archive somewhere. Many people on the site enjoyed it but I did feel uncomfortable partly because I have friends of various ethnicities who I know would have been upset by it. jean

  • I do not recall placing any joke that compared having sex to roast turkey

  • Well someone did. If it was not you then I have defamed you and apologize wholeheartedly.

  • Apology harm done.

  • Did you not forget the word,,,,bull,,,,,,,, :)

  • Bullfight !

  • We have a ranch in Texas we ship bulls around the world bull shipping a speciality a competition for shipping bull has only one winner.

    Careful where you step one of the hazards of bull shipping.

  • Lovely

  • I guess there is a time and a place for swearing but I try not to myself. Iv'e tried to install this way off thinking into my 21 year old daughter and 16 year old sons way of thinking. It seems to have worked, MOSTLY!!! The youth of today eh'

  • Well done for sticking to your values

  • I cannot see what the fuss is about, King. Sorry to say what I think because you are such a great person. One 4 lettered word - not a string of expletives or porn stuff. Dare say that johnwr would be upset because he is a nice bloke and clever with it. I would have let that slide - life is too short..

  • Hi Annie. I am not creating a fuss,just stating what I feel is correct for the site.If you, as you do, watch a lot of the blog sites you must have noticed various unsavory jokes/comments and bad language creeping in (Even on other blogs today) and I for one do not like it .Having been reprimanded for the use of some clean jokes that some ladies apparently found offensive,I feel that HealthUnlocked will not tolerate the above mentioned and there will then be no fun or laughter left on this site.That would be a sad day.

  • Let us all be tolerant, King. Nobody is perfect. Last thing is that I would want to offend you but I had to say something. I haven't noticed anything bad that would offend anyone, and I was born possibly before your mother!!!!

    Good idea turn a blind eye to anything bad. We have a good moderator that will get rid of anything offensive. So, if I was you, ignore, Mark will do the rest.

  • Ignore and report no feeding june doughty trolls with a response let the moderators moderate.

    Forming vigilante has nothing to do with support.

  • @Annie, and others,

    Thanks for the support.

    I am not upset, life is far too short.

    The use of words for swearing or as expletives depends on context, The actual word doesn't matter, so whether you say 'sugar' or ' bull%$&+', it's the underlying meaning that matters. I am open to suggestions for alternative words to use in the context of the original piece.

    breathe easy (but in this case, not too deeply)


  • Oh Dear!!!!!

    Did I cause a storm?

    @KOTC. I am sorry if the inclusion of one word upset you. In truth, that article was a 'copy/paste' from somewhere else, and I didn't proof read it properly. Having thought about it for several minutes, it's hard to see what I could have replaced the offending word with, bearing in mind the state of country at the last General Election.As I am also interested in the history of our wonderful and colourful language, I have come across your explanation before. I am just grateful for your sake that we don't still talk in rural Anglo Saxon or medieval French.

    Bearing the above in mind, please don't read my last blog, because that is definitely slightly risque!

    Calm down and breathe easy, please


  • Why dont we use{ fluffy bunny } we could use them to wipe it up as well,,,i hate rabbits

  • Keep on laughingKOTC

  • I have read your last blog many times before.I still like it.

  • To me proper swear words are the " F " word and " C " word and that sort of thing, The alternate word used for poo ( Is that also considered a swear word ? ) is just that, another word for it. I suppose it's ones own definition of what is a swear word.Apart from that I don't think the joke would have worked if the word excreta was used..

  • Do you mean Funny Comedy !

  • Ermmm. :)

  • hi dont worry some people r very narrow minded i got used to it with my drivers and i never bothered all was great fun and i learnt to give as good back O what great fun but we all got on so well

  • It is not a question of being narrow minded,but where and when to use foul language.

  • It seems I posted soon after you and we are in general agreement :)

  • Now I keep giggling when I see the word " poo " written down. I don't think I'm ever going to grow up ! :)

  • I don't like the use of proper swear words on the site. If I feel the need to swear I just either put the 1st letter and .......... or just .........I don't think poo is a swear word!

    Maybe we can agree on one word to replace swearing such as "George Osborne". Any more suggestions? Maybe we can have a competition to choose the most popular?

    Bev x

  • Or 2 words :)

  • This will make you laugh POO POO

    Ha Ha


    breathe easy

  • Not swearing. Get a life.

  • Agreed!

  • Oh my goodness what a fuss about nothing. I went to be early last night so couldn't comment then but people you can ignore any posts that offend you nobody is forcing it down your throats. I am a 66 year old female and I try not to swear but I do having spent nearly all my working life working with men I have got used to it - sorry if that is sexist!

    I have even used the odd expletive on here though I do substitute the odd letter with an * . If someone does not like my posts I would prefer a private message than the open comments because then I would know they are aimed at me and not have to guess this is what has led to people getting upset and leaving. I would not argue out in the street in public so in future if someone is offended try please to deal with it privately.

    I love this Forum but it is for everyone not just a select few

    Keep with the jokes I enjoy having a laugh


  • Well said Jandan,

  • Going back to yesterdays chatter about the olden days, do most of you remember if a man swore in a pub the cry went up, "ladies present!". Now it seems that it is the ladies with the foul mouths.

  • Old fashioned good manners would anything so out of order pass muster when ladies and gentlemen described conduct in public.

  • Arrrh That is not the point phillips. If women don't like swearing then they can say something. We don't need men nowadays to 'protect' us from the nasties of life like this anymore. After all don't women have the same rights as men to swear if they want to? I hate men spitting but I would only object to it on my own account, not others.

    I was on a bus once in London and there was someone swearing. Now I didn't take much notice having gone to watch Manchester United play as a youngster, and I wasn't even aware of it until this man stood up and asked him to stop swearing as there were women present. I just thought cheeky ... I didn't object but if he did he should have said HE didn't like it in front of women. I don't like people speaking for me! I have got a big enough mouth to speak for myself!

    Bev x

  • I could'nt have said it better. Great reply. Maureen usa

  • Believe intuitively that censorship is a bad thing. Leave it to the Mods.

  • Good grief! Why do I always miss everything! I do have to agree with Jandan though, what a lot of fuss about nothing. The fact we are all different is why I love this site so much. I am certainly no angel but mainly consider F & C to be swear words. Each to their own eh!? Take care all and keep smiling! xxxxx

  • The point is that it is not a lot of fuss about nothing.The idea is to keep the Health Unlocked site informative ,welcoming,with a little light humour thrown in so that is enjoyable for alland not in any means offensive.

  • No offence meant but we are all entitled to our opinions KOTC. As I said before, each to their own. I can see where Puff is coming from too and I just enjoy the site for what it is:- Strong, supportive, happy, sad, but above all so necessary. Take care. xxxx

  • Opinions yes.Presented in an acceptable manner for all to enjoy.

  • Of course and that is what I meant. x

  • Thank you very much

  • Hi KOTC

    I haven't commented for a while but like to keep up with whats what on the site and felt the need to comment here. I agree with you wholeheartedly. If there is a forum which is frequented by people of all ages and all walks of life then a certain standard of language should prevail. People are entitled to use whatever bad language they like in their personal day to day dealings with friends etc., but would they use the same language/swear words in front of people they don't know? The bus driver, the supermarket check out person, the charity collector in the street, their doctor etc etc etc. I would be surprised if the answer to that is 'yes'. If you have no personal knowledge of the people you are exchanging views,jokes or whatever with then to avoid possible offence then whatever language you use should be universally acceptable.

  • Fantastic spartacus

  • Very well said ann 33

  • Thank You

  • Thank you for your kind words fingerscrossed

  • I don't think the " s " word should be used on this forum willy nilly but the way the word was used in this instance, as part of the joke, was acceptable to me as I think the joke would have fell flat if it wasn't. I hope people can see what I am trying to say here.

  • That's fine

  • That's cool. :)

  • Learned more than bargained for with a lot of stored high in transport feedback

  • Nice one

  • Positive member of our forum who has only ever lifted the mood with humour no malice has ever been shown the comments made show that concern for members is at the heart of this message. If any joke was taken as offensive passing a message would be far more civilized than the evidence before members viewing this blog.

    If promoting Breathe Easy, patient participation and humour justify such nasty comments some members may wish to take a long hard look at themselves while questioning their reasoning before making the forum a toxic area with bad feeling.

  • My comments were meant to be positive in wanting to keep this site enjoyable for all.

  • But you "named and shamed".


  • Who did I name and shame?

  • The title of this blog KOTC. You should have just reported anything you found offensive, not caused a discussion about a named member's post. That is not how this site is supposed to work.

  • Doesn't really qualify as 'naming and shaming' does it? I read it as just a comment on another blog - surely it would make more of it by reporting it as offensive. I think the discussion started by KOTC is more about whether certain language is acceptable or not rather than the acceptability of the post itself.

  • Thank you ann33 you knew where I was coming from.johnwr and myself were both very understanding about the comments I made and why. They were all made for the good of the site

  • Hi

    Whenever anyone refers to how the BLF runs this community, unknowingly perhaps, they are referring to the BLF Helpline. It is the BLF Helpline who "looks after" this community. Generally I can ignore much of the criticism that comes our way - it goes with the job. However I do object to the implication that the Helpline team knowingly allows racist and sexist comments on this community. We do not and cannot read every single post that is made on the community - and yes we do rely on members to report such comments. I have removed sexist jokes recently and in the past. I don't recall anyone reporting the "dark meat" comments - and I would never allow any racist jokes on this site -Irish jokes included.To bring that up now as an issue is a bit unfair, but if anyone can supply the link to that comment I will look at it.

    Also swearing on this site is an issue - swearing when making a general point is one thing - that usually will be edited/removed - a certain amount of "understanding" is exercised. But when swearing is directed at a member or moderator, that is not acceptable - and that is why at least one member has been banned in the past.

    As Johnwr says above -calm down and breathe easy.


  • Well said Mark. I think the fact there are so many of us here speaks volumes for what a good and well run site this is. I would certainly miss it if it wasn't here.

    Bev xx

  • Thank you for that Mark.I am in total agreement with what you say.


  • Missing the banter and wishing you well KOTC

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