Hi everyone, can anyone offer any help with a new bipap machine, the hospital have told me to use at night?

Hi everyone, I have just been given a bipap machine after another set of blood gas tests, where my co2 levels were 8.64 blood ph 7.37 and I think my O2 was 6.5. I am on o2 24/7 anyway and now i have another machine to cope with. I have to wear the bipap mask at night but it is very uncomfortable and really hurts the bridge of my nose. Does anybody know of a comfortable mask, as now it's hard to sleep and I'm already exhausted? Thanks

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When next at clinic explain the problem.... It is a familiar one and it often takes a little time to settle with the right mask for you. If the mask is leaving marks that fade, then take a photo. Make sure you are not over tightening the mask .. This can be tempting, but most modern masks are designed to 'hover' and it may help to have you mask attached to the hose and the BIPAP machine running before fitting your mask to your face. Whatever you settle with, it is important to clean the mask regularly according to the instructions you are given ..

Thank you for your advise. It is really appreciated. I will definitely try that tonight and talk to the nurse when I see her on Wednesday. :-)

I've had a Bi-PAP machine for just over a year now Kelda and I know just what you mean. I had to try out five different masks before I found one which was comfortable. The one I have now is almost perfect and I very rarely get a broken night's sleep.


My mask is a Breeze Sleepgear Nasal Pillow one (see the above link) and doesn't touch the bridge of my nose at all. I can also recommend hope2sleep.co.uk for their CPAP/BiPAP cream of which you only need the tiniest amount across the bridge of your nose to help ease the soreness. It's quite expensive at around £7 for a very small tube, but as I say, you only need to use the tiniest amount.

Do tell your respiratory nurse about the discomfort and that you want to try out a mask with minimal facial contact.

Anything else I can do to help you don't hesitate to ask :)

Am pleased you like our product elian, and even our local hospital call it the 'magic cream.' I use it myself too, and bearing in mind I buy my own masks, am pleased to say there is no damage to it, bearing in mind it contains no substances like alcohol + petroleum etc., which can damage the masks and cause loss of seal.

Thank you so much for your help. The sleep easy mask looks much better. I wonder if it will fit with the machine. Also the one they have given me, which is an awful design, is a full face mask. Don't know if that makes a difference. I have to go back again on Wednesday morning! So I will definitely ask the nurse. Thanks though it's great to know your not alone and help is there. :-)

Your hospital may have given you a full face mask if you breathe through your mouth, as well as your nose during sleep. If this is the case you need to continue with a full face mask, or if you choose a nasal mask/nasal pillows one, you will need a chin strap as well to encourage nasal breathing.

I wish help had been there when I first started out on my own treatment. I went through practically every full face mask manufactured at the time and thought I'd never find one that worked for me! It was a very stressful first 6 months for me on CPAP :( Unfortunately, it's a case of 'what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another.' Bit like glasses - I absolutely HATE varifocals, but my Dad + hubby love theirs.

My clinic were very good in letting me try them all until I found one I could get decent therapy with. However, the best one that works for me wasn't stocked at my local clinic so it took me years to find it. Dr Michael Oko has a saying "you have to kiss many frogs until you find your prince" and I certainly did a lot of kissing before my prince came along :D

Glad you got the help you needed :)

Very interesting. I only tried the Bi pap inhospital, have to say I found it quite traumatic. What is the difference between C pap and bi pap? Susie Q

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