How many of these do you remember HealthUnlockders?

................How many of these do you remember?

Coca Cola in Bottles

Blackjacks and bubble gums

Home milk delivery in glass bottles with tin foil tops


Hi-Fis & 45 RPM records

78 RPM records!

Adding machines

Taking drugs meant orange-flavored chewable aspirin

Water balloons were the ultimate weapon


DURING A GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...........................Do you remember a time when...........

Decisions were made by going 'Eeny-meeny-miney-moe?

'Race issue' meant arguing about who ran the fastest?

Catching tadpoles could happily occupy an entire day

Having a weapon in school meant being caught with a catapult ?

War was a card game ?

Cigarette cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motor cycle ?

Playing cricket with no adults to help children with the rules of the game.

Bottles came from the corner shop without safety caps and hermetic seals because no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger.

............And with all our progress ,don't you wish, just once,you could slip back in time and savour the slower pace,and share it with the children of today?

............Basically we were in fear for our lives,but it wasn't because of drive by shooings,drugs,gangs etc.Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat!

But we survived because their love was greater than the threat.

As well as summers filled with bike rides,cricket,Hula hops,skating and visit to the pool,eating lemonade powder or liquorice sticks.

...........Didn't that feel good, just to go back and say,YES,I remember that

I am sharing this with you because it ended with a Double Dare for you to share it.To remember what a double dare is, read on, and remember that the perfect age is somewhere between old enough to know better and too young to care.

Share this with someone who can still remember the Lone Ranger and Sgt Bilko

Share this with anyone who made need a break from their 'Grown-Up life'

.................................Double Dare.............



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91 Replies


  • I didn't say OLD!

  • Remember all those things my short term memory is not so good though ha ha

  • It is nice to remember um ah oh yes I forgot

  • Oh I remember all of old am I ?

    I remember milk bottles with cardboard tops with little circle bits in centre.

    We used to save those, rinse and push out the circles and clever mums used to thread raffia through and then stitch them together to make shopping bags.

    now what year am I in ?.

  • That is OLD!

  • You mean ancient !!!

  • I was trying to be polite.

  • Hi Ivyleaf

    I remember those cardboard milk bottle tops too. We used to make Pom poms by putting two together and winding wool round through the hole and when the hole was full cutting between the tops. Also made 'whizzers' - long piece of yarn doubled and threaded through the centre, ends tied together and put round fingers or whole hands and spun around and then pulled to and fro at each end to make the 'whizz' sound.

    Happy days!


  • I used to stand behind people and then let the WHIZZER go to see if they would jump.

  • Water balloons are still in.

    I still own a catapult and I'm not into fishing. I like whacking empty cans and such with it !

    Hula hoops are used in those keep fit thingies nowadays.

    Liquorice sticks we still buy often.

    Long love the memories I say !

    Thanks for the reminders KOTC. :)

  • Still a kid at heart then.

  • Oh yes. Always will be. I even tried a hula hoop we found in the shed the other week ! :)

  • Did it fit HEE HEE

  • Cheek ! :)

  • Love sharing these great old memories King - oh yes, I do recall the Lone Ranger and Tonto, also Champion the Wonder Horse and Wagon Train: early sixties saw Dr Kildare; ,Voyage to the bottom of the Sea; Dangerman and The Avengers. Making things with Blue who hasn't tried that at least once? My own favourites were the animal programmes... - Animal Magic, White Horses and Follyfoot : -) As for 45 RPM records - still have a collection of these. After school we'd play out in the street - cowboys and indians, - making the bows and arrows out of suitable twigs from a nearby hedge and some old elastic from mums work-basket! Favourite past time was rolling skating... and was good at it even though I say so myself, lol : -) Happy days! Lovelight xx

  • Unfortunately they will never return.

  • I'm the only one on my breathe easy group got a computer

    still don't know how to work it ha ha

    :-D :-D :-D

  • You are not alone on that one!

  • I don't want to remember these things as a break from grown up life, I want to go back permanently!

  • I think we all would if we could.

  • I remember all of those Kimo Sabe ( not sure how to spell that).

    Lynne xx

  • That's near enough.

  • haha, I still call people Kimmo Sabe! (I dont know how to spell it either).

  • I don't know either.Iam not one of those EDICATED people

  • I went to High School,you know ,the one on the hill!

  • I still have my milk delivered in bottles with foil tops! Remember when they first came out and we used to save them for Guide Dogs for the Blind?

  • I remember taking them to the cubs.

  • I`m an oldie. I remember them all : )

  • Antique?Memories increase in value!

  • Me too remember the picnics, children only olders looking after young ones, each one with a bottle of water and 2 jam butties which were always dried up but still eaten.Collecting tadpoles and newts. Happy days.

  • My gran used take us into the fields during haymaking.She would lay a ginham table cloth over the hay and out of her whicker basket would come fresh hot bread and dripping mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • As a family of 5 boys and 1 girl. whos father died in his early 30s, my dad told me that bread and dripping was the staple diet in his family.His mother struggled to bring them up.No benefits in those days.

  • Little blue bags of salt in the packet of crisps. The game of jacks , and marbles

  • I've still got my marbles!!

  • Me too. Also a set of Jacks, I know it's generally thought of as a girl's game but I enjoy it. :)

  • I still have mine in a lozenge tin - used to play it endlessly. Also a hula hoop - used to hula hoop my way to school - must have looked a right prat!!!!

  • Yep!!

  • My wife sand said i lost my marbles years ago . But when you tell the youngsters which way we played then that's all you get yer right. Get with the times bamp.never mind still got the hard toffes. And the sherbet dip and salt and shake.

  • Those little packets were awful to open.I had to rip them open with my teeth.The taste was delicous.

  • Licorice boot laces, black jacks, fruit salads and aniseed balls ha ha

  • They don't taste the same today!

  • Oh what bliss to slip back just for a moment & have my rememberer reminded as tigger would say thank you KOTC you are a gem & yes i remember them all & the fruit & veg man coming to the house & the bread man & sticking my fingers in melting tarmac in the WARM summers & helping bring the hay in & going to the farm for milk that was still warm when we had run out :) & going out in the morning & not seeing an adult till tea time :) I WANA GO HOME :(

  • I remember all you mention.When I look back ,they were sometimes hard but always good days.

  • Wern't they & wouldn't it be lovely to have them back, so long as we could keep the central heating :) it,s great that everyone is sharing their memories & adding to the list :D bless you King x

  • Roaring open fire,smoke blowing back down the chimney.

  • I'm with sillywitch - .I wanna go home too...and stay in the sunny days of childhood x

  • I will order you a Charabanc(remember them with the open top) to take you back in time

  • book my seat too please,

  • Shall we all go together.I don't know if they do day trips back into time!

  • Davenports? Brewery home deliveries anyone remember them and Corona pop

  • Oh I loved corona pop, dandilion & burdock & cream soda mmmmm oh for a "swig" now :) My Fair Lady & The King & I on Sunday afternoons, & taking a bowl to the ice cream van & getting it filled, as the song goes these are a few of my favorite things :)

  • yes, I remember Corona.

    There was a Corona truck that brought it round. Or was it R.Whites? R.Whites Lemonade. You could get 3d back on the bottles?

    The Insurance Man used to come to the house to collect the insurance money too.

    There was the bag wash, a big white bag we put the sheets in every week and they all came back a few days later washed & dried.

  • We alsoused to have the Dornat man. A farthing cheaper than Corona!

  • Tasted both of those brands

  • Hey...Jandan, I remember well the Davenports beer adverts on telly...'because beer at home means Davenports' . Think it was in the fifties. Then there was ...'What we want is Watneys Red's our favourite beer' sung to the tune of Roll out the Barrel...and I'm a girl! - lol xx

  • I worked at The grand Hotel in Torquay and we were the first establishment in the areato sell this new fangled beer IT WILL NEVER CATCH ON !!!!!!

  • Oh goodness I remember them all,I am positively ancient!! I also remember the horse and cart delivering the groceries, milk, bread etc,and my darling Grandpa running after it,with his shovel and bucket, collecting the manure,for his garden,which he was so proud of!! xxx

  • Bless him. See organic gardening was in vogue way back then. I don't remember horses and carts but do remember warm third of a pint of milk free at school at break time - yuk. Also pretty yukky my mother used to dose me up before school with cod liver oil on a spoon. Had that taste in my mouth all morning - vile. Also things on TV - does anyone remember the Brains Trust on a Sunday? Father used to watch it and we had to be deathly quiet - god it was boring!!!

  • I remember walking beside my farmer grandfathers Cart dishing out milk from a churn

  • We used to get our milk delivered in a churn, had to take a jug out. God help you if you dropped it, no plastic jugs then! Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • Crikey you must be pretty old? No offence meant

  • me too,and bunking down in the cellars of my grandads farm whilst Manchester and Liverpool were being blitzed.

    remember playing cat's cradle a lot,and the treat of dipping my finger into a bag of mixed sugar and rolled oats as a comforter whilst the bombs came down

  • Is ancient older than antique????????????

  • Produced lovely fruit and veg

  • Oh for those huge vegetables that were grown back then.

  • woooooo hoooooo all of them tonto ha ha Lizzie xx

  • Ride em Cowboy

  • We used to climb over the fence of the local Shweppes factory and pinch a couple of empty soda syphon bottles. We would take them to an off-licence in the town next day and get the 7/6 deposits back on them. That's it. After 55 years I have confessed my criminal past. Lock me up!

  • That was a very naughty thing to have done.Never mind ,God doesn't pay his debts in money.

  • Thank God I am an atheist. Looks like I got away with it.

  • Naughty, naughty or what? ha ha

  • i remember taling empty bottle back and getting the money back, does anyone remember muffin the mule on tv, i also when the grass was cut, putting the cuttings into a house it sounds silly now and i dont think kids today do it

    what about hopscotch, that was good, sherbet dabs, telephones liquorice.


  • I played with Muffin for a longtime

  • Does anyone remember selling the Sunny Smiles to raise funds through Brownies and Guides? I remember one year I sold the most in the town I lived in and I got to meet Princess Margaret and give her flowers I broke my heart the person who came second got to give flowers to Sue from Sooty and Sweep who was there with Harry Corbett and I would have preferred them :D

  • I had a strange feeling that you moved in Royal circles

  • Muffin the Mule. You'd get locked up for that now.

  • Perhaps you could explain your comment?

  • Rag tag and Bobtail, Wooden tops, watch with mother Fire ball x l 5 Twizzle, Torchy the battery boy. But we still get our milk in glass bottles with tin foil tops. I remember the pop man the veg man and the parafin man. I remember getting plastic tulips free with washing powder

    my mum stuck them in the tiny front garden.

  • I think they were after my childhood

  • I loved the Wooden Tops, What was the name of the on where Plant would tell a story & they drank Elderberry wine?

  • I am 60. :-)

  • Just a kid still!

  • Don't worry have got lots of old friends and my mum is 90 and my Dad is 94.:-)

  • I bet they till tell you tales of the GOOD OLD DAYS

  • I also remember Watch with Mother, inc Bill and Ben. Loved Fireball XL5 and the captain of the spaceship was Steve Zodiac - .'I wish I was a spaceman, the fastest guy alive, I'd fly you round the universe in Fireball XL5'.... ,lol. Who remembers the old gas metres of the early 60's ? Ours took a '5 bob bit ' and every so often the man would come to empty it. My parents had usually put plenty in the slot so it was like emptying a piggy- bank and there'd be a little treat later : -)

  • Lucky you!

  • when my son was little i told him about having an outside toilet.. he thought it meant there was one sitting on the lawn.

    Recall laying in bed seeing your breath in front of you, a pee bucket in the corner cos it was too cold to use the outside loo. And that damnable test card on tv that seemed to be there all day.

  • Couldn't turn the heating up then,could we?

  • I remember most of these but sometimes with female equivalents!

    Bev x

  • From a female perspective!!!!!!!!

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