Talk About Having A Laugh ... Just Got My Water Bill £602 For The Year Up £102 From Last Year

Someone Is Defo Taking The Mick

But Seriously Am Not Wearing That TOLD NWW The Boss Better Get He's Finger Out Because You Know What Government Are Doing To Those On Low Or No Incomes Means Knock On Effect For Your Company

As Of Currant I Have NO Money And As I Am Suffering I Have Nothing To Lose .... My Life Can Get No Worse

So You Best Tell Your Boss He Best Put Is Cigar Out And Ask Cameron What He Is Playing At .... As Is Voice Is Louder Than Mine And He Defo Has Lot More To Lose Than I Can

There Is NO End To P### Taking

Gas Electric Boards Taking Mick Scandal Of Bedroom Tax And Council Tax ... And Then We Have TV Licence Fee ... Just Priceless Really

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  • Keep squeezing until the pips squeak did not feature in any electioneering the coalition parties did unless I missed something that said same again as the Thatcher years :-(

  • Agreed .... I Missed That In Hype Of Election :O

  • just wait something will happen .thatcher john major and the shortest time pm ever D smith .i will give my vote to ukip ,tory's libs,lab they all te same

  • Osborne is saying welfare makes us the same as murdering scum Philpott shows how they think treat us like filth because we need benefits.

  • Agree ... Even Those On Benefits Pay Tax ... In One Hand Out Other Obveasly They Are To Busy LineIng There Own Pockets In World Of There Own To Get That Little Fact Right

    But Like We Can Rely On BBC To Point That One Out Don't They Read S''' There Sending Out .... Looks To Me Like If Can't Get That Right No Hope For Country

  • Just seen front page of the daily mirror showing dearest Gideon Osborne parking in a disabled bay, cheeky scumbag.

    Can we overthrow a government? I am sick and tired of this bunch

  • Most people are but still they carry on. I cant remember when I had a respect for a politician.

  • If your water bill is that high I have to assume you do not have a water meter,if there are only two of you in the household it's much cheaper,we only pay 27 pounds a month,you do not have to pay for a meter.Sooki

  • Asked About Water Meter Said It Would Only Be £100 Ch££per .... Think My Plane's Better .... To Put It Blunt ##### ### Unless Big Boys Suffer Nothing Will Improve

    Can Take It Out Of My ESA :)

  • I live in Torbay and we have the highest water rates in the country - officially. It is quite a bit higher even than London. I know some people paying 1,000 a year! We have the lowest wages in the country too....

  • Ridiculous And People Are Paying It ..... Defo Having A Laugh

  • Hi you can get in touch with water company and ask for water water sure your bill will only be £395 no more you have to be on benefits to get this they will send out a form it tells you what you need

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