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what can l do

I am my wifes full time carer , my wife has copd and is on oxygen 16 hrs a day or longer . My also suffers from depression . This means l have problems getting her to excersise has spend long periods in bed . I gave up work to get her out and about but am finding things very difficult running the home and trying to motivate my wife .Is there any help out there ?

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you wont be alone. There are people around who will help you. Contact your surgery who should be to help you. Also ring BLF who are good. Tel.030000030555.

All the best, jan4 let us know how you get on.


Hi - I can sympathise. I am my husband's full-time carer, and it is no joke. He has fibrosis, so is not really in the position of being able to improve his condition by exercise etc., it is too advanced. I too try to get him out and about, but to be honest this cold weather is no incentive! We are lucky that he has a place at a local hospice day centre, so at least he gets to see other people and chat to other men each week ! We also get visits from the Health Visitor from our local surgery, which I find is supportive. Maybe you could join something like U3A and see if they have a group you would both be interested in? And you just need somewhere like this site to have a moan occasionally - it'll do you good!



Sorry to hear that Ian, it can be very hard to manage someone with a chronic depression.I think Annie's advice is good,especially about ringing the BLF,I realy can't add to that,except to say, look after yourself as well,but do make sure you get help. Let us know how you go..

Cheers Wendells xx


Ps Gidges advice is good too,went up whilst I was writing sorry Gidge!!


It's hard to look to the future when you dont know what's in store.

There are no solutions just compromises. I hope you still have some fun at times I hope you have family and they take a turn. It's my husband who is ill.

Sometimes just to know you are not on your own may help


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