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What I find annoying (at the very least) is the glob of mucus that appears in the back of my throat effectively partially obstructing my airway. I'm not sure if it come from down in my lungs or eospgagus or from my sinuses - all I know is that I have it most of the time but it is particulrly troublesome when I take a nap sitting up with my head on a pillow only to be woken up due to this obstuction. A real nuisance!

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Its awful isn't it and actually really frightening sometimes. I went through a period of about 6 months where I knew as soon as I woke up I would know that as soon as I moved that glob of partially dried mucus (was always convinced it was from my nose) would shift and fall into my airways. I knew I could still sort of breathe obviously but the restriction was very frightening. Once my lung infection was cleared up and I got a steroid nasal spray this stopped but I understand exactly how you feel. So annoying I understand and will freely admit it terrified me each an every night when I went to bed. I always found a cup of hot water helped soften and loosen it.

Marie x


Consulting the doctor with worrying symptoms (one at each visit working through a list) has managed many annoying symptoms for me some have had simple remedies that I wish had been found sooner than accepting as something that came with the condition.

Working with doctors and sharing information here can improve so many things it really is worth trying. good luck


I have very sticky and hard to shift mucus in my throat too, Martin 1945. In my case its due to reflux, and I have a vintage steam inhaler (Dr. Nelson's medical inhaler) which i got on prescription many years ago and this helps shift it. I sleep raised from the waist up and this helps the reflux, and so also the mucus formation.

It may be something different for you that's causing it - you do say you get the problem when you're napping sitting up - but definitely worth investigating with your GP and hope doing so helps you.




I have bronchiectasis and so a fair bit of mucus. I can hear it bubbling away but something it's hard to get it to shift the last little bit. The physio (I've been once so don't know that much) gave me an acapella to shift it from my lungs, i then have to pretend i'm misting up a mirror which apparently actually gets it the last bit.....worth a try?!


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