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Hello all.

As you were aware I got pneumonia a few weeks back and decided not to post on here for a while.

Well I'm as good as better now.

It's left me very breathless and with a nagging cough.

Sunday night my hands and lips were very blue so had 4 hours of oxygen from my concentrator.

Just thought I'd say hi again!

Hope everyone's well.

Mike x

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Glad to here you feeling better,,,,, you only missed some verbal spats,, some swearing,,,,,huffs at dawn,,,,normal run of the mill stuff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahahhhahhah take care,,,,,,,,,,, :)

so happy mike you feel a bit better its hard i know i had pneumonia its not nice keep well all the best x

Glad you're feeling better. Pneumonia takes a lot of getting over though so take care and don't overdo it!

Hi Mike glad to see you back and on the road to recovery! hope you shake off that cough soon! :) x

Glad to see you back. Now no more pneumonia! OK?

Lynne xx

Nice to know you got over the pneumonia. I'm curious to know if you had the jab previous to getting the infection.

Thank you for all your kind words. It's nice to be back in the land of the living...well nearly!!

I get pneumonia every year without fail and have done for the last five years or so. In answer to your question Puff, yes I have had the jab and it clearly makes so difference to me! Might work for others of course!

Thanks again everyone.

Mike x

Hi Mmike.glad to know you are back on the circuit!


The KOTC laughter show

Your daily tonic

Thanks about the jab. I suppose it may work for some.

So glad you are better now.Take it easy for a while though!

Love Wendells xx

Good to hear you have recovered. Take care of yourself keep warm and eat plenty,plenty nourishing grub!!!

back home from the hospital just in time for my sons wedding we all had a lovley Carol xxx

great news :)

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