Understanding women........OOPS..Hee HEE

..................UNDERSTANDING WOMEN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(A mans perspective)

I know I am not going to understand women.

I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax,

pour it onto your upper thigh,rip the hair out by the root




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thats because women have a high tolerance of pain but no tolerance for arachnids of any size this is because we are intelligent enough to know the bugg*ers bite & can be poisonous :D I hope this helps a little in helping you men understand & appreciate us little women :) x

LITTLE women!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think so.Every LITTLE is BIG. Starting with the m....,no I will not go into details because I might get a BIG slap.

Ah the M word eh? well you needn,t worry about the slap, I used to work for Cadburys crushing NUTS I find that is always useful in a discussion about the M word :D

Ouch,that hurt!

I'm the other way around! Spiders don't bother me, but waxing.............. yeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww. Tried it once, never again.

Lovely cuddly creatures.

didn,t say i,ve done it libby i,m not daft enough to go looking for pain, my body giving me enough without me inflicting more :) although i,ve always said you should try something twice incase you miss something 1st time round, I,d have to pass on that experience!!

Don't give me that.pain thing again!

see earlier answer :)

Now a spider has 8 legs beady eyes and a nasty bite,,,correct,,,,,take away 6 legs,,,,,, i rest my case,,,,, :)

You are awful and very hurtful.

GAWD i meant a woman was the spider,, spinning there webs to get us males

Got that wrong,didn't I?

bet its pain tolerance isn,t up to much though :) specally if I could find something long enough to pull it,s legs off with :D

Are you trying to spin a web of hurt to us mere male mortals?

Oh Yes! (said in the voice of David Tenants Dr Who :) )

Well I'm afraid of neither spiders or women! Must go, the wife is calling me.


Be careful you mere males or I might send Naughty Spider after you..........He has a mate now and you know what female spiders do to males !!!!!!!

I don't know what they do,but I have a feeling you are going to tell me!

Come on king I am sure you know they eat them

Tasty tasty very very tasty!

Confucius says, man who understands woman, used to be one!

now i get ladyboys.. i think!! then again spiders and hairy mary, gets you thinking are they the same thing?

Wots a hairy mary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi Mary

Me now confucius,what am I?

you,ll never understand me, my husband of 45ys of marriage and he still trying to understand me, and i hate spiders, we had a dog who used catch spiders, jumping up beside me with the spiders legs waving.


Understand,understand what is this word called understand? I can't understand

I think i will just go to bed you have me confused, or was it the wine i just had !!

Has the wine made you feel a little 'Spider' brained

More than spider brained, maybe I should give it up, in my dreams it's only a drop of charonnay that is keeping me sane xx

CharD !!!!!

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