When Lilian gave me my first computer

I was quite pleased and quite proud

Though convinced in minutes

I'd bugger it up

and set off a small mushroom cloud.

So sure I would at least

set off world war three

if I pressed button A

when it should have been B,

but she persevered

and got me a dongle,

so I could look at something called 3.

Well my progress I tell you

it knew no bounds,

and my trepidations were soon all gone.

and within mere weeks

without help from the wife,

I could just about turn the thing on.

Then I joined a thing called Ebay

where they sell stuff if you've got the price,

I only joined cos I'm from Yorkshire

and I thought Ebay?, Eeh bye eck, thats nice.

Bye the time I could type with two fingers

I looked at a thing called Facebook,

By crikey they have to be joking,

Don't believe me? just give it a look.

Then I finally found this Forum, blog thing,

full of poor old buggers like me.

What most of us have in common,

is an ailment called C.O.P.D

We can talk to each,

and ask for advice

about medicine and Doctors and things,

and then on a completely different tack,

we can tell of what makes our hearts sing.

We don't always see things eye to eye,

and what makes one person laugh

may just make another one cry.

It really is a great forum,

I know that I really do need it.

And if I see something that I do not agree with,

I know now to simply not read it.

So through this computer

I can have my say,

converse with my new friends, sometimes laugh

sometimes pray.

And if by now I ain't caused Armageddon,

I say enjoy life,

your a long time a dead'un.


17 Replies

  • Great Post .... But Thing That Sticks In My Mind Is Yorkshire & Pies A Don't Know Why Must Be Tv Advertising :O

    Great Post ... All The Best :)

  • Cheers mate, My favourite is meat and tattie pie and mushy peas. But there is a Yorkshire link with the Denby Dale pie.

  • Great poem, you are very talented,really cheered me up.Keep them coming please xxx.

  • absolutly great......... shows what us women can show you..LOL..



  • Really great Chris, I enjoyed that. I must admit I was fascinated by computers from the start, but did find them a bit scary.

  • there's great talent on this forum,xx

  • That sounds like the winner of the kings competition,,,,, not a yorky pudding that one,,,,,, :)

  • nowt wrong wi Yorkshire pudding,its my favourite food. well it would be wouldn't it .

  • Submit it for an entry to the poem competition! You never know!

  • Thanks for your comment. But as I explained earlier I really would rather not.

  • Never met a shy yorkshire man before,, or one thats modest either,,,,,hahahahahahahah

  • Great poem. Love Yorkshire and enjoy a break there every year. Love sitting on the harbour at Scarborough.

  • Harbour at Scarborough, see its catching. Ha ha. Thanks and take care.

  • Superb.

  • Thank you.

  • Take some flour, some eggs and some milk

    Beat together till it looks like silk

    Pour it onto some smoking fat,

    into hot oven and that is that

    till it turns all puffy and brown

    then on with the gravy and swallow it down

    by 'eck that's good that Yorkshire pud!

    (I am a Yorkshire lass tha' knows) ;)

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