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Is £53 a week enough to live on?


I would like to see the whole of the Cabinet forced to try this for just one week, then maybe they'd have some understanding of the difficulties many people have (except that none of them, as far as I know, is also struggling with illness). If you feel the same you might like to sign this petition and "share" it

ff x

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IDS reckons he could live for a week on £53, pretty sure he's got his weeks and minutes mixed up yet again...

you could feed yourself on £53 a week but damned if you,d be able to cover rent, pay council tax, heat & lighting, a phone would be out of the question as would access to internet & a week is no where near long enough to understand how soul sapping it is struggling week in week out they need 3 months, no access to their own funds & put in a high rise block of flats :)

hello you are right you could feed yourself on that but it aesumes you have all the tools to keep it and cook it, you have alos it makes no allowance for travel, he couldn't get food without a £3 bus ticket where i live and nothing is on the door step, if you were able bodied yes but for me to go for a bus i would have to walk quater of a mile and there are 4 busses all day, i have done the petion and i hope some one does it, he won't and does it town and rural as two studies

regards Richard


Is A Disgrace ... Ad Like To Slap Him With My Lung ... But Am Afraid Its That Full Of Hole's It Would Be Like A Sponge :O

But Talking Of British DUNCE :O And Worker's I Have Yet To See One Talk About How Its There Job That Made Them iLL And Who Doctors GP Covered It Up And How If Try To Get Medical Help NHS As Been Trashed And Of If You Try Getting Legal Help For Redress You Civil Action Will Not Be Eligible For Legal Aid

Then We Have Issue Off Invasions ... And On And On We Go

Those Workers IDS And Ohers Need To See Threw The Lies And Spin Because Like Most On Here .... I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

There Go I :(

said in the mirror he pays no rent that must save some dosh for him living in wifes house


Forget a week, they may just do that like the one who slept rough for a week, but give them a month or three, a broken washing machine (oh, I suppose with all the time we have we should be doing it by hand), broken vacuum - sweeping brush? A new bed or mattress etc. etc. No way if you get my drift.

Yes, we've all paid our taxes, in many ways, shapes and forms. For what, a kick in the teeth when we're down!

I thought £53 was for under 25 years old and it was more like £71 for over 25 then up by 1%. Woo hoo! Not much either way, is it?

Lynne xx

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Hi Lynne, just to clarify - that sum came up in a radio 4 interview with a chap who said that following the cut in his housing benefit he would be left with only £53 a week to live on. IDS was then asked if he could live on that amount and he said "If I had to, I would"

I'd love to see him try

ff x


Bring back Robin Hood and Guy Fawkes with a bit of Dick Turpin ---let them loose on the MPs and all the hangers on. I would definitely fall around laughing!!

Don't forget to sign the petition

Signed as requested. I don't know how they sleep at night!

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Zopiclone...lots of them!

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Thats To Mild :)

lizziec1 in reply to Hidden

ha ha thats brilliant

signed & waiting to see if he accepts

I would like Ian Duncan Smith to put his money where his mouth is and actually live on the £53 pw for 52 weeks, have all his luxuries stripped and made to live in a family home, council or housing association and pay bedroom tax on top of all his other amenities such as gas, electric, water, TV licence, food, sewage and toiletries and traveling expenses if he has kids in full time education. See if he really could manage it, oh and be very ill/disabled as well. On £53 pw!! I DON'T THINK SO MR IDS!!

No one can live on this sum for an extended period, I have signed the petition for the sake of my future generations of familly.This sum would not pay some peoples fuel bills, let alone pay for food or clothes.THe average bus fare these days is nearly two pound just one way.But looking at it from another aspect the minimum pay is over £6 an hour and a single person can earn around £180 tax free from April this year, but you have to find an employer, and this doesn't help if you are ill or disabled.

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