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Tidds home for 530pm she tweeting with being sedated,,one very stoned pussy cat..We were given a bottle of champagne when we left the estate where we used to work...So to celebrate cat still being alive also new house,,,,,we popped the cork,,,tasted rubbish for the first 2 glasses,, 3d glass tina says think we will just have a sandwich for tea,,i feel a bit sleepy think i will have a wee lie down..5min later in bed snoring,,dont know why people like the stuff it tastes like fizzy water with bicarb in it.......SO ENDS THE SAGA OF TIDDS...ME STILL HUNGRY,,NEVER GOT BREAFAST OR DINNER,,WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME,,, JUST LUCKY I SUPPOSE....

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You didn't save any champagne for your puddy tat? Shame on you!

So pleased Tidds is back :)

Hope your head is OK today :D

Pleased Tidds is back.Guinness and champagne(BlackVelvet) lovely.Throw in a bit of humour and you will soon be back to normal.Caeck my blogs

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Just remember. KEEP OFF THE GRASS.