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Understanding COPD


Hello all, I'm new to this site and a bit puzzled as to my husband's health. He was admitted to hospital 24th Jan with breathing difficulties and was an awful colour, he's had a bad chest for years but wouldn't go to the doctors, typical male! He was diagnosed with exacerbation of COPD and was kept in for 2 wks, on inhalers, nebs, BiPAP etc, also oxygen most of the time. He was prescribed 2 inhalers, a reliever inhaler and home oxygen 2l a day, 15hrs or more. On the day of discharge he collapsed after doing a tarry poop, his hb went down to 4.5, had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Was given blood transfusion, twice, and meds to clear it but it didn't work, had 2 more collapses and they ended up doing an emergency op 5am in morn a week later. He ended up on ITU ,,for a week, had another blood transfusion, then general ward for another week, where his wound became infected and is still being dressed by district nurses every other day! He has had a really bad time. What I don't understand is, he uses his 2 inhalers every day, doesn't need the reliever inhaler and Consultant cancelled the home oxygen before he was discharged, yet his FEV1 was 17% and I was told he had really severe COPD yet doesn't even get breathless now! He is not due to see Consultant for another 2wks, anyone got any advice? Sorry if I'm rambling!

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My best advice is to ring the British lung foundation on 03000 030 555 tomorrow.

There are many knowledgable people here who may have more info.

Good luck,


Hi and welcome kazzy66. It's a rather odd situation. My FEV1 is 27% and I definitely get breathless. Perhaps they should do the tests again.

I'm with Homebreeze. Ring the BLF at 9 tomorrow. They are great.

Hello, by the way. You will be very welcome here.

Lynne xx

Thank you all for your comments, certainly got lots to ask Consultant when appt arrives, so frustrating worrying & waiting

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