We are getting to take her home after 5pm,,she is minus a bit of fur in places and is badly shaken and bruised with some bad bites on her,,but the vet reckons she will be ok,,,with plenty tlc..Think her pride will be a bit bruised also,,she used to be top cat where we used to live,,,even the estate sheep dogs used to avoid her..I will have to explain to her that town pussy cats are just wee gangsters,and make a cat flap in the fence,, thanks for the concern all,, :) Tidds old house...

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  • Good to hear Tidds is o.k. I think you will be a bit battered and bruised as well so perhaps you should curl up with her and give yourself a little tlc, take things easy for a couple of days.

    polly xx

  • We are still unpacking from the move so only little things left thank god,,me shattered,, :)

  • rest impossible we had over 40 boxes,,,you dont half collect some rubbish over time,,looks lie a second hand shop in here hahahaha

  • I,m so glad Tidds is ok some cats have no manners id & i,m sure that when Tidds is recovered he,ll teach those town cats to remember them! they are supposed to welcome him with a fish head at least, you must be shattered though so please put up feet & cuddle Tidds his purrs will help your nerves which must be streched to breaking point after seeing him hurt. i hope you both recover your sunny nature soon,

  • Get well soon Puss. x

  • Bless you Tidds

  • You might find she is a bit more reluctant to go out, but I am glad she is recovering.

    Lynne xx

  • Hope your cat gets well soon xxx

  • Alls well that ends well settle into the new home.

  • please can you give her a big cuddle and kiss from me I hope she gets well soon, take care,

  • Hope she recovers soon. Do you think the bird attacked her? I once saw a a cat being dive bombed by four magpies, it was horrible but I managed to scare them away. Mine isn't speaking to me at the moment after a very difficult time yesterday trying to force her to take antibiotics for an ear infection. Eventually crushed them in water and shot it into her mouth with a syringe (one tablet already wasted in her food which she never touched for 24 hours). So, after being starved, manhandled by two people and then choking on fluid, she won't come near me today. Only 5 more days to go! Not sure what to do, she's got to have them one way or another. You'd think they'd make the stuff in a fluid that taste nice, would make life so much simpler for us all. She has an oral flea control she has in her food, no problem. Happy days! Any ideas? Libby

  • Update: Half a tin of tuna's done the trick, she either can't taste the antibiotic or doesn't care? Next problem will be to get her to eat cat food again!

  • You can get a liquid antibiotic it is pink in colour my tidds loves it in milk,,have a word with your vet,,they have been using it for a good while here in scotland,3 to 5 years at least,,there is no easy way to get a cat or dog to take a tablet he he he,get the liquid x

  • Hi, I'm not at all happy with the vet. Three months ago Lily's ear was smelly so took her (she's 13 and first time she's ever needed to go apart from neutering). Cost nearly £70 for consultation and various meds. Never got any better. Took her back on Saturday and a different vet was apparently very puzzled as it's quite obvious she has a polyp and an infection - she was never given antibiotics first time so not surprising it didn't get better. Now I'm worried as I've noticed the label on the bottle says capsules yet these are tablets that have no writing on them, they just look like paracetemol to me. Looked on the internet and can't find any 75mg Antirobe in tablet form, only capsules? Anyway, cost another £40. Would you complain about the first visit? Am going to call tomorrow about the tablets anyway. Libby

  • All the best to Idds - moving is a big change for a puss cat - out of their territory.

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