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A new version of the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) Report has been published, dated February 2013. First quick look through shows many areas where the knowledge has been updated, which is very welcome.

If you do read it (it is heavy going in places), remember that in the UK we are quite advanced, and this document has to be relevant worldwide, so information from trials of new drugs and techniques are not included because as yet they are not accepted worldwide.

There is a lot of new information on drugs, how the work, and what they are used for.

All in all, a very useful reference tool.

To see it for yourself, follow this link:


As always, breathe easy.


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Thanks for that John. Will read it a little later.


Cheers John.


Hi John.I would be out of breath try to read and digest all that.But thanks anyway.


Thanks John


I've just read the lot! Thank you it was really useful.

Things I noted, and it needs more than one read:

Spirometry is the key to diagnosis along with patient discussion. Peak flow is not.

You can be (for example) moderate, like me, but a lot better than others who are moderate due to other factors. That is something I have always wondered about, so the FEV readings should now be a guideline only.

There is a huge amount we can do as individuals to give ourselves the best possible chance.

I think I need a lie down now, it was 99 pages long!

Lynne xx


Well done you reading all that more than once now I dont have too


i looked and decided NO so thank you for passing that on, i just printed of medications list to go through later

rest well and well done and thanks


Ps thanks John also.


I think you should lol xx


Well done Lnne. I just read the bits I'm researching when I need to know something.


Wow, heavy but excellent read!


Looking forward to reading other's comments


Thanks for posting this John, good to keep up to speed where we can :)


Just on page 31 of the Gold Report, but I have to say that most of it is double Dutch to me.

I have read some of your blogs - all of which were very interesting and have come to the

conclusion that you are a very knowledgeable person in relation to lung diseases.

I am fairly new to this site and have Bronchiectasis. I thought I knew a lot about the disease, but since reading all the blogs, I don't know anything!

It would be a great idea if you have time on your hands to compose a glossary of all the terms that are used to treat lung diseases I.e. FEV, FVC, COPD,Flutter, Lung flute etc. I have no idea what these terms mean and I am sure that there are many like me out there.

That would be your good deed for today!

Keep up the good work. Tamarac.


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