Any tips on finding out triggers for asthma

I'm on lots of mediation and nebs with steroids and antibiotics as needed.

I know lots of my triggers that are listed for asthma and get them all year round and found a few regarding food etc but still getting attacks when I carnt find out what' triggerd it.

Woke up this morning and within 5 mins was gasping and not sure why?

My asthma treatment and hospital care plan does help and have what I need get my breathing back under control and know when I need kick my steroids in and need antibs.

Just wondering what I could do to try help myself in finding triggers as I have already had allergy test at the hospital and Rast test.

Love Airbags xxx

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  • Hi Airbags,

    Being a long term asthma sufferer I am pretty good at knowing my triggers(just annoying now I have copd ..never sure if it is a asthma attack or not ! lol)

    What pillows/duvet do you have on your bed ?

    I can't be any where near feathers...they give me an immediate wheeze.

    I also have 3 pillows on my bed as it is fatal to me if I lay down flat...that is a trigger for me for night time asthma.

    You obviously know your triggers.

    Have you changed washing powder recently etc ?

    It's amazing what stupid things can start us off isn't it?

    Try and make a list of things you may have changed over the last few days that may have started you off.

    I also take Singulair at night for asthma. Might be worth having a word for your dr if you have recurring night time attacks.

    take care

    Jan x

  • Hi,it can be so frustrating trying to work out triggers,feather pillows like Jan said,can be murder. I find I have to sleep with the windows open,otherwise I wake up gasping,albeit I live in don't have such cold weather!! The pi

    Lows is another for me to,I also have severe asthma as well as copd,& it can be hard to know the difference sometimes.

    Good luck with it all. Wendells xx

  • E numbers used to trigger my sons Asthma the yellow ones in orange juice, smarties, ect, fog, rain, any type of damp, i hope you discover cause soon it,s so frustrating not knowing what to avoid, good luck with your search

  • Oddly enough, emotion can trigger an attack in my case. Not proud of this but can see in coming. It starts off as hyperventilating and gets out of control, or least it used to before I used my puffers and breath properly.

  • Black mould spores got me, it does not take much, the spores seem to move at night and get you when you try and move in the morning. Vicious little s--s they are.

    Worth a check behind cupboards and other hidden spots

    If you wake up thinking about being breathless then you can almost guarantee an attack will follow, it's self induced as the experts say, breathing exercises, panic control, and learning how to calm down before it starts helps. The respiratory nurses usually can help it's all down to stopping the circle of panic before the adrenalin starts to take over.

    Good luck with your down the trigger

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