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are headaches part of copd

I have chronic bronchitis and have been getting a lot of headaches, is there a conection to copd? Moira

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the coughing you do with bronchitis will give you bad headaches.


thanks for your input

Hi Moira, that's true Ivyleaf. Also, when I started getting them a while ago it was connected to high blood pressure, once I was on the meds, the headaches went. Do you need new specs?

i have just got new specs last week

Too much carbon dioxide left in the lungs can cause headaches as well.

Yes Puff,I can relate to that,never suffered with headaches,till getting c02 retentive.Now that's better the headaches have gone.

Wendells xx

Hi there. Sinus? Some of us who have mucus problems also have a head full of it too. The pressure builds up and can cause terrible headaches lasting days.

I use pressure points (acupressure) to help relieve it.

Happy to let you know which ones if you're interested. P

I'd like to know which ones, I seem to have a constant headache these days.

Hi Moira. I was getting loads of headaches too, sometimes because oxygen sats were low or sometimes one of the other reasons which have been given above. I don't know what painkillers you take: I used to go to my (ex) doctor and all she'd do is give me stronger and stronger co-codamol. However, I did some experimenting ( not like Frankenstein or anything, lol). I changed my pillow for a slightly softer one - that helped enormously; I stopped taking codeine-based tablets and just take paracetamol now (codeine, if taken too often can cause headaches, it seems) ibruprofen work, but can't take those because of breathlessness! I hope you manage to get to the bottom of what's causing the pain very soon

Jude xx

I probably shouldn't' be doing this and I'm sure you can Google pressure points for the sinus...... An Acupuncturist showed me them 20 years ago and I still use them now.

If it's sinus headache all the bones around your sinuses will be quite sore to the touch.

That's around your nose, cheeks and forehead. I've a small head so I guess my cavities are smaller than most but there are quite large cavities in your cheeks and forehead.

I gently press: with my little finger that dip where your nostril meets your cheek. Sometimes it's really really tender, (that's when I know they're full) so build up my pressing slowly until I can't bear it. First one side then the other.

Another place is along the brow bone, where your eyebrows are. Start by the nose and work your way along the bone. Again, if it's tender be gentle. Single presses, moving along the end. First one side then t'other.

If you can get it right the gunk shifts immediately and you get some relief.

Of course your headaches could be from other causes - see above comments and/or ask your doctor. My headaches were migraine like and persisted for 5 or more days. It took years on NHS to discover it was blocked sinuses. A little op and prescribed steroid nasal spray 2 x daily help keep the pain away - plus the acupressure! (They're never clear but at least I'm not thinking it's a brain tumour any more).

I must stress that if you've got recurring headaches you must see your doctor asap, this is only to relieve sinus pressure. Good luck. P

Ha, it took ages to write the above with one finger on my little tablet!

Google acupressure points for sinuses and you'll get some perfect demonstrations on YouTube....... Now I shall Google acupressure and reflexology points for lung healing :-)

great advise I have just been sat here shoving my huge swollen fingers up my nose with my grandson sat on the bed telling me telling me I talk and sound like peppa pig /brat/I said whot do ya mean ,he said I always sound like that they say kids don't lie ,god I hope they do .I no I look like it but I don't want to talk like it

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