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My Gp Complaint ..... Example Of Issues I Raised

Complaint About Treatment At The GP’s Practice .....

Further To Your Letter Dated #######

Received ####### Where I Would Like To Thank You For Investigating My Complaint Further

As You Say In Your Letter My Doctor’s Did Take Proactive Steps In Early Days Of My Treatment Trying To Treat And Diagnose My Symptoms As You Described In Your Response When At My Gp’s Practice In Early November 2011 Ordering Heart X ray Monitors Up To January 2012

But When They Come Back All Clear In January 2012 But My Symptoms Persisted My Doctors Took The Decision And Or Option I Was Suffering From Stress /Anxiety And Panic Attacks To Explain My Pains In My Chest / Walking Breathing Problems Despite Me Telling My Doctor’s I’ am Having Breathing Problems Because I Can’t Breath

But The Bone Of Contention Is

(1) Not Being Referred To Lung Specialist

(2) Tampering With My Medical Records “inconsistencies or deleted entries”

(3) Regarding Young Female Doctor’s Attitude

(4) Inappropriate And Dangerous Medication Treatment I Received From The Practice With Regard There Treatment Management Of My Condition

Examples Of Contentious Issues I Feel Have Caused Me Harm


My Practice Doctor’s Did Not Want To Refer Me To A Lung Specialist Given My Condition Was Getting Know Better And Was In Fact Getting Worse And I Had Told My Doctor My Condition As Nothing To Do With Stress And If I Am Suffering Panic Attacks Its Because A Can’t Breath Nothing To Do With Stress And How I Would Like To Be Referred To A Lung Specialist On Several Occasions With Different Doctors

To The Point It All Come To A Head When I Had To Call A Ambulance Due To My Gp’s In Action On My Condition That Resulted In Me Suffering For Nearly A Year Of Dizziness Blackouts Walking Breathing And Heart Problems Pains In My Chest And It Was Only When I Was Taken Hospital They Did A X ray And Told Me Diagnosed Me With Chronic Lung Disease In June 2012

But Like Your Letter Fails To State It Was Not My Gp’s Practice That Ordered My Chest X ray It Was The Hospital That Did The X ray …. But The Next Day I Did Tell My Doctor At Gp’s Practice As I Was Still Not Feeling Well And What The Hospital Doctor Had Told Me

My Gp Doctor Told Me He Can’t See Anything And Carried On Treating Me For Stress Panic Attacks As My Medical Records Show It Was Only In July 2012 The Nurse At My Gp’s Practice Did A Lung Function Test Contrary To Your Letter The Practice Nurse Did Not Do My Chest X ray Like You Stated In Your Repose To My Complaint


Tampering With My Medical Records “inconsistencies or deleted entries” In Your Letter You Talk About Your Automated Medical Reports Generated Automatically By The Computer System Ect Ect

Which In My View Is All Very Well And Good But I Feel You Have Missed The Point I Was Making “from medical records i have retained” From Those Submitted To The DWP From My Doctor There Is Inconsistencies And Or Deleted Entries That Have Caused Me Harm And Undue Suffering That In My Option Have Nothing To Do With What You Have Talked About In Your Letter

As My Doctors Had Signed Entries So Could Not Of Come From Hospital Investigations As You State In Your Letter The Inconsistencies And Or Deleted Entries Come From My Doctor And The Practice The DWP Was In Contact With Why Would The DWP Have Vital Entries Missing On There Copy Of My Medical Records Received From My Doctor And Practise But Actions Like These Have Caused Me Undue Suffering As The Agenesis Are Not Getting A Accurate Picture Of My Illness Gp’s Records Or History


When I Walked Into Practice With Heart Breathing Problems A Young Female Doctor Who’s Name A Don’t Have Was Preparing For A Practice Meeting And Photo Copying At The Sectary’s Desk I Asked The Receptionist Could A See A Doctor As A Feel Like Am Going To Drop Dead

The Receptionist Told Me All The Doctors Was In A Meeting Now I Had Seen The Doctor So I Said A Could Do With Really Seeing One As I Don’t Feel Well The Doctor Could Hear What Was Going On As She Was Right Next To Receptionist The Receptionist Asked The Doctor Could She See Me As It Would Only Take A Minute In Which She Made A Point Of Telling The Sectary She Was To Busy

I Asked The Receptionist Would She Phone For A Ambulance For Me At This Point The Receptionist Asked The Doctor Again If She Would See Me The Doctor Did Agree To See Me But It Was Obvious She Was Not Happy As She Was So Kind To Point Out “How Inconsiderate I Was And Its Not All About Me” Wile Taking Me To Be Examined A Can’t Describe How That Upset Me And Made Me Feel


Inappropriate And Dangerous Medication Treatment I Received From The Gp’s Practice With Regard There Treatment Management Of My Condition From January 2012 Till When I Was Seen By The Lung Specialist At ######### Hospital

October 2012 When I Started Being Treated With Proper Medication For My Condition As I Stated At The Start Of My Letter Where I Stated My Doctor’s Did Take Proactive Steps In Early Days Of My Treatment Trying To Treat And Diagnose My Symptoms I Described Presented But January 2012 After My Heart Test My Treatment Doctors Proactive Approach Stopped Even Tho My Symptoms Suffering Had Not

As You State In Your Letter In The View Of The Doctor’s Where They State My Treatment Was Wholly Consistent And Test Where Carried Out I Would Agree In Part But Have To Strongly Disagree

As After My Heart Test Back In January 2012 No Other Test Where Done As To My Condition Or Illness Despite The Several Referral Request I Made With The Doctors Regarding The Pains In My Chest Breathing Problems And What I Had Told Them About My Aunt Dying Of Lung Cancer And How I Was Worried As I Had Been Exposed To Asbestos In My Previous Working Environments

But My Doctor’s Continued Treating Me For Stress / Anxiety Even Upto And Beyond Me Being “as my medical notes confirm ” Taken To Hospital Where They Diagnosed Me With Chronic Lung Disease

As I Was Told By My Gp’s They Could Manage My Now Chronic Lung Condition Which Involved Not Referring Me To A Specialist Despite Making Ongoing Request Telling Me To Blow In A Bag When Am Having One Of My Breathless Attacks And To Stop Calling Ambulances When A Can’t Breath

July 2012 Is When I Received Ventolin Blue Inhaler From My Gp To Help With My Condition After I Had Seen The Practice Nurse

I Asked Again To Be Referred To A Lung Specialist As My Condition Was Not Improving But My Doctor Referred Me To A Neurologist At ##### Hospital And Prescribed Anti Depressants Beta Blockers And As My Condition Was Getting No Better And My Doctors Prescribed A Other Inhaler Serevent Which My Now Lung Specialist As Said Is Inappropriate And Dangerous Given My Chronic Condition

Given Your Limited Response To My Complaint About Issues Raised At Our Meeting At ############# Regarding My Treatment I Was Hoping To Resolve This Mater But I Feel I Have No Choice But To Proceed With My Two Complaint As In Your Letter There Is No Assurances And I Don’t Feel Given My Experiences As Described In This Letter

“like for example i said to my doctor at the practice when hospital diagnosed me with chronic lung disease where did my doctor get mild from as they never done any test”

I Was Offered Wholly Consistent Treatment I Feel The Delay In My Treatment Diagnoses Issue And With My Medical Records As Caused Me Personal Suffering I Feel My Gp’s And The Medical Practice Has failed Me In My Treatment And Care And My Health As Suffered

I Will Be Raising A Complaint Before ####### With LOCAL PRIMARY CARE TRUST With Regarding Tampering With My Medical Records “inconsistencies or deleted entries”

And I Will Be Raising Issue With GMC Regarding My Treatment As I Feel In My Case It Dropped Below There Standards

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Damn.. and i complained about my treatment, yours was infinitely worse.


I As Been ... Thats Just Brief Out Line

Cheers :)


I have just been diagnosed with borderline moderate emphysema with a new gp but it is early days to assess the help and if any further tests will be done. But about 4 years ago I went to see GP as I was constantly feeling ill. He did bloods and an X-ray and said I had lost 25% of my lung volume as my peak flow was poor, also I had a constant high haemoglobin result. I had asthma so didn't think too much about it, but on reflection he should have referred me for further tests and maybe I would never become as poorly as I have now with the right treatment. He told me is was suffering from stress and depression too!

And it's strange that on my new GP records they have me as having only mild asthma! The records came from my last GP, strange!

Am going to look into this more when I have got my health a bit more stable I think..


Know How You Feel .... There Is A Lot Of It About .... Thas Why Am Not Finding New Doctor ..... Let Her Dinner Go Down In Lumps Like Mine As :O

Anyway Cheers And Hope You Start Feeling Better Soon :)



Look up Haematomocrosis ...spelt wrongly but its your high HB bit that niggles me.

It can cause a lot of symptoms and you will need your Ferritin levels checked too. It is diagnosed ideally by a genetic test. Research it first.

It can cause depression and breathlessness esp.

good luck.


Dazis - dont know whether I am going over the same ground twice but how about a complete change of GP/surgery. Ask around for people's thoughts on the local GPs. Perhaps you may already done this, but if you are in good health, you need to trust your GP. There are some good ones out there.


Left out the word not in good health


Yes Annie80 There Are Good Gp's And Bad One's Did Think About Getting New Doctor .... But Thought Why Should I Av Done Nothing Wrong And How Many Times Have Doctors Gotten Away With Such Action ...

She Was In The Wrong This Letter Is Only Brief Outline Of What Went On ... As You And Others Said Last Time A Did Talk To P.A.L's Before A Had Follow Up Meeting To This Letter And They Advised Me To Ask What Is On My Medical Records And Had She Seen My Scan ?

See Said Yes And There Is Nothing On It .... Am Fine I Laughed :)

So I Said So A Hospital Lung Professor Who Diagnosed Me Is Wrong And My Now Current Lung Specialist Is Wrong To :O

Then She Said I Might Have Bronchitis Than She Said I Have Mild Emphysema Then She Said She As Not Seen My Scan .... And Then She Went On About Finding New Doctor .... Cheek Of It

A Said Yes There Is ~Trust Issues But As You Can See I Have Not Created This Told Her Yes A Thought You Might Of Tryed Killing Me Because Of My Complaint :P Then I Said No A Don't Have Problem ... Then She Said She Might Have Problem CHEEK Of It Treating Me So A Said Well Thats Up To You

So I Said Again I Didn't Ask For My Medical Records To Be Tampered With And A Certainly Did Not Expect To Be Abused When I Needed Help .... Or Given Dangerous Medication

But Long And Short Of It Annie80 A Don't Propose Going Anywhere Until My Medical Records Show How Serious My Condition Is

She Was Hard Faced And Looked A Ridiculous Lier In Front Of Other Doctor ... And If She Thinks She Can Wash Her Hands Of Me That Easy She Is In For A Major Shock



Sounds to me like your GP needs further training and support herself. Is she burnt out or suffering with a mental illness which has yet to be diagnosed??

Its terrible what you have written about your treatment or lack of it.

I think you should have a treatment plan in place.

Regular reviews of medication by a specialist copd nurse as medicines can also be trial and error.

I feel the GP is in the wrong job or is overwhelmed and needs to work part time. She definitely needs further training in customer care, health care advice and an urgent cardiac and respiratory medicine update.

Is she actually qualified???


Might be worth seeing a soliciter at citizen advice mate,,that is shocking,, hope things get better,,


Cheers Soliciter's Are So Polite .... After All She Must Think Am Totally Naive And Ignorant

After All I Would Not Want To Disappoint Her .... After All Is It Not My Right To Be Ignorant :)

Cheers :)


Looks Like I Have After All Problem Now .... But At Least Its Not A End Of Day One



hi daz hope you can let us know how you get on has i feel the same way has you

I wont go into detail but very angy how i was treated or should i say not treated in the begining

But nothing like how you were treated

but feel if i had of been doagnosed with this copd 4 years ago when i went to my gp i could have done the right things to help myself and my lungs sooner

I am always looking at the posters and notices at my gp waiting room but have never seen any info on this and this is one of the reasons i have never heard of copd at the time.

so many people say that you should get checked with a breathing test has i did but i was just told that i dont have asthma and my xray was fine

I am not running the NHS down but just feel a little bitter about my GP and i know they are very busy but you just seem to be in and out for the next person ,,how things have changed i can remember how your GP and would always have the same GP would seem to care for you a bit more but then has i said they must be more busy now days


Totally Agree Music .... Its Not Nice Being Treated Like We Have Been Expendable Resource Come's To Mind When I Think About How I Was Treated ....

Is Just A Job To Them But Its My Life ..... But Like You Say All My Lung Function Test Come Back Ok And Even Lung Specialist Slid My Lung Test Results Across Table At Me Saying They Was All Normal ...

Even He Was Shocked When He Seen My Scan ... All This FEV A Think Is Load Of Crap To Be Honest ... As Mine Was All Normal But I Have Major Catastrophic Lung Injury Trauma My Specialist Words Not Mine

But I Don't Try To Let It Get Me Down ..... Just Have To Deal With It .... Is Hard Especially When There As Been A Injustice

Reply exactly the god must be the twin of my ex gp hear in oldham.i had chronic bronchitus 2week be 4 xmas/god i was ill. im 63 a gran and great gran/the locum was sent out to me/she rite awat sent me for a scan/3 days after i had go north manchester for results.i went a woman said u have copd give this letter to ur gp bye bye.i asked wat wat is copd /ask gp/.i went ome and googled copd/i had to sit down for a while.i rung the gps up.i asked for copies of my med reports for the last two yrs.i piked them uo/i had to pat 10 pound for them.thats wen i saw my xray for june 2012.i had complained to gp i had a pain under my left rib it would not go.yust a niddling pain.wen at that time i rung for resulst i was told yes all ok gp doesnt want see u/he said no action needed.the pain went 4 a while as i was taking pain relief.wen i got my 2012 xray it said /slight high inflation of lungs .god i googled it.i rung a blf nurse up and was told at that time i was still mild an u can be 4 years and been smoking a further 8 month unknown to me.out on buses in winter.had all my grandkids even wen they was ill.talking to ppl in town in winter most told me they had chest infections/and im sayin go see ur gp get auntiobitocs/god i didnt no i was ill.i was livid.i went see gp.make appointment with nurse for a wat.he was so ignorant i told him u think this is the end no this is the start,he said well if u have ceased smokin u be ok.i ceased wen i left manni hoz after the result was given to me.i went to nurse had the test im moderate 67.reading.didnt get it explained nothing.just see u nx year.she said thought id be more than tnat/i said well if bldy ignorant gp had not ignored my june 2012 xray i would.i spoke to practise manager/and all ill say bout him is .hes as bad as the gp.ive taken it further and my 3 daughters have.i have a new gp now same building different practise/wat i do now is i warn ppl bout old gp.usless arogant country democracy .ill sat wat i want as its the truth.the preachers or watever they call themselves say wat thay want and nothing appens to them cant even deport them god.take care all.


Thanks For Answer ... Sounds Like Somthing Is Going On And Look's Like They Would Just Prefer Us To Drop Dead At Work

Like You Say About Fake Doctors Why Do They Still Get Away With Sin's But Staggeringly Even When Found Out They Do

Cheers Glad You Good GP Now Looking After You :)


hi.thank u for the gp now is ok /its in same building different practise/if i see exgp which in time i will see the div walking round the area in side/ill just look at him like i have something on my shoe.and no he is not getting away with it.


daz after reading this I am determined to go to my gp and ask to see a specialist as I havent seen one yet. I was told my condition was severe but have no idea about any readings or test results because everything happened so quickly when I was diagnosed and I went into shock. Like yourself I was keep being told I was having panic attacks.There has only been three weeks this year up till now when I havent had antibiotics. I think I have been telling myself Im not really that bad because not on oxygen. You have made me realise I have rights to know what is going on and I have to be brave and face things.sorry if I have barged in on your question Daz but you have made me really think things through. xx


Hi Thanks If My Post Helps Others At Least Its Helping And A Think Thats What Its Al About ....

As Far As Your Gp Think He's Doing More Than Mine As You Have Been Diagnosed And Are Getting Antibiotics

My GP If I Can Call Her That As Still Not Accepted Diagnosis What Hospital As Said Or Lung Specialist .... Or Giving Me Antibiotics .....

A Would Not Be To Hard On Your Gp ... But Yes A Can Understand What You Are Going Trew ..... As Like You Say Is A Total Shock

Anyway Glad Your Copping And No Worries If Can Help Will Try

Al The Best :)


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