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Slightly mixed feelings!


Just got the post and found the dreaded brown envelope about my DLA renewel. To my amazement and relief has been renewed at previous levels. Slightly mixed feelings because they have actually renewed it indefinitively!! Shame when I move on to PIP I will have to go through all this again! Also feeling a bit "so they don't think I will get any better" which is hard.

Overall I am relieved because this money makes a HUGE difference. It means I can work part time and whilst I never have any spare money to enjoy myself with, I can normally pay the bills.

I am also very aware from this site, that there are plenty of people who should be getting DLA but aren't so I am grateful.

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Best result in the circumstances when it could be other crooks running the country in 2015 live now and tomorrow can wait for more forms if that is what it takes so be it.

Rules for PIP could be different once they have the main cuts done then who knows or cares.

Well Bewy that's good news but your right to have mixed feelings, as those on indefinate awards will start to be reveiwed for Pip change over in 2015, so as you say you will have to go through this proceedure possibly again in two years time. Thats the government way sadly!! Enjoy your award for now as what will be will be.

Continuous assessment from PIP will have the form filling every 2 years something else that we have to adapt for with the longest between form filling been 5 years for the most serious cases until we retire.

Good news on the DLA


Dont worry 2years is a long time just relax and enjoy .....

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