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Advise on how to " Eeze the wheeze" please

Have given up the dreaded cigs (again) have reached two weeks and now have developed a cough/wheeze that I would like to ease especially for bedtime :) ...Did check with docs just to make sure its not a chest infection and was advised I am beginning to clear rubbish out my lungs and to keep up fluids. I am on (ventilin,spiriva and oxiturbo)

thanking you in advance of any advise

:) x

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Hi allyj, there are some capsules you can get on prescription called carbocisteine that are very good for thinning the mucus and making it easier to clear, if you can get your gp to prescribe them. I find them fantastic but think there are some people who they've not agreed with though and you may get replies from those people. Other than that, all I know is plenty fluids which your doctor has already said. If you click on the link below you can view the patient information leaflet for carbocisteine (Mucodyne) to see if it's worth asking your doc. Good luck! Libby


I will endorse having a chat with your healthcare provider about carbocisteine, a 'mucolytic'

It may help, but go to the appt prepared. Not all gps know it exists and is can be prescribed.

It can take a couple of weeks to have an effect so don't give up.

Good look on your quest to become an ex smoker.

Enjoy the day



HI allyj, yes a mucolytic is the best to clear congestion when you first give up, but many doctors don't prescribe such drugs. Fluids do help, like hot honey drinks, cinnamon, ginger and an old cold relief remedy the juice of boiled onions. Another thing thats good is garlic but to avoid the smell coated capsules are best, although a little expensive.Anyway hope you find some relief even if it means another visit to the doctor, keep up the no smoking and I wish you Good luck and a Happy Easter.


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