Colds And Tooth Abscess Are A No No When You Have Chronic Lung Disease

Never In My Life Did I Think Toothache Could Get Any Worse .... But As Most Will Know I Have Had A Cold ...... Er Er Like Forever

But One Day Last Week It Went :)

Short Lived As It Returned With Vengeance :O Toothache Colds And Tooth Abscess .... :(

Talk About Feeling Like The Pits ..... But Never Have I See Any Article's On Toothache Abscess And Chronic Lung Disease

So I Am Booked In To Get Them All Ripped Out Before My Breathing Gets Any Worse And It Turns Into A Real Problem

Defo One For BLF :O

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  • Wondered where you had got to, dazis. Hope you are now better. Anything dental is not for me, in fact anything that inconveniences me!!

  • Thanks Annie80 But Yes Not Been To Good .... This Is New Learning Curve Can Do With Out :O

    I Was Surprised There Is Acute Lack Of Information On This Subject ..

    Cheers :)

  • .Sorry to hear you are under the weather but glad you are ok have a good easter if you can with the pain Take good care best wishes

  • Going To Try And Have Good'en ... Thanks Lovemelovemydogs :)

  • Glad to see you on here. Loads of people were wondering if you were OK.

    Lynne xx

  • Cheers Feel Like Av Been Moon And Back Lynne With Out Helmet :O

    But Ye All Be Back On Form Cheers For Asking :)

  • Heyyyyyy there he is - good to see you back.


  • Cheers Yep Am Back ... Sure Av Heard That Somewhere :)

  • Welcome back Dazi, someone asked a similar question a while ago, a week or two possibly, have had a look for the question but can't find it, sorry. Hope you're feeling better soon. Libby

  • Found this Dazi, about bad teeth affecting lung disease, warning, graphic pics of bad teeth to anyone of a sensitive disposition!

  • Hi Cheers And Thanks :)

    Was Looking For Article On Issues Of Clearing Mucus As It Was Nr Impossible To Cough It Up With Such Issues

  • I am very glad to see you back Daz. :) Sorry you have had it so rough. x

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