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In 2011 I had swine flu which resulted in ARDS and was assured this is rare and a one off event. I've just left hospital following another bout of ARDS caused by flu A - yes, I was vaccinated! I'm terrified this may now happen again and just can't come up with any way of preventing it - I already do everything I can do. This feels like such a Damocles sword over my head. Any advice?

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Hi Struggle, having only just survived Adult Respiritory Distress Syndrome, 2 and a half years ago I know why your worried. I was being treated for a double pneumonia when it turned to ARDS which I believe is a kind of shock reaction to the initial disease. It almost took my life and was only down to some brilliant minds that I got through it.

It is a very rare event and surely lightening won't strike three times, best continue with life and count your blessings that you are probably one of very few to have survived ARDS twice. Your obviously built of very strong stuff as there are many who would'nt be here now having been through what you have.

Think positive struggle and you'll be just fine.

Tony :)


Do what you can to stay as well as you can! When **** happens being as fit as you can be should help you "weather the storm" and recover asap.


Thanks both. I agree positivity is the way to go and I'm usually annoyingly upbeat! However the ARDS fear factor is huge ...

Met a woman in hospital to whom this had happened ten times - defies description ...



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