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Hi everyone and Happy Easter once again. Whilst preparing some chocolate and pecan brownies at about 6pm last night I washed up a mug which broke in the process and sliced a chunk into the top of my right hand!! Blood everywhere, fortunately my 28 year old son is here at the moment ....... bleeding wouldn't stop so off we go to A and E ha ha. However, it turns out my sats are 100 % which is brilliant after 6 months of not smoking!! Am so pleased. I now face Easter with my right arm in sling for 3 days and a fridge full of food and I am not allowed to use my hand ha ha ha. Big thumbs up to the service from the NHS in Cardiff, they were brilliant. Anyway enough of these warblings. But I do have one question - how does one put on a bra with one hand? Any suggestions, gratefully received!! You just have to laugh. Hugs to you all. Lizzie

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  • Just have to go topless girl,,,pity it so frosty lol :)

  • thats a good idea ha ha ..... chapel coat pegs come to mind!!! Tee her

  • God i think i should take up church going now,,chortlel chortel lol :)

  • ha ha yes definitely

  • typo should read tee hee

  • Hi Lizzie and good news about your sats. Mine too were 100% when last checked. I am so gad I gave up smoking.

    Sorry about your hand and I hope you can manage the things you need to do over Easter.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks Lynne - yes isn't it wonderful that we have achieved that status of non smokers...... winners in the game of life (I don't mean that to sound smug) just the truth. Wanted to get in the garden today but am somewhat handicapped ha ha xxx

  • Gardening with swinging boobs like Ms Dimmock, best stay indoors. Have a great Easter hope your hand soon mends.

    Lib x

  • Ha ha thats brilliant you have good Easter too xx

  • Libby I had forgotten about Charley Dimmock!!! I am nothing like that ha ha xx

  • Sorry about your hand hope it heals soon, it is only for three days so don't worry about the bra. I havn't worn one for years cannot stand anything tight on my chest or waist it affects my breathing.

    polly xx

  • Am just getting dressed we will see what happens!!! I hate being bra less!!! Happy Easter Lizzie xx

  • Just think of all that cooking and washing up that you can't do! You'll be able to sit there and direct others! Hope it is better soon.


  • Yes, I know, my youngest son is stepping up to the mark!! Thank you Happy Easter. Lizzie

  • I struggle typing with two hands getting capitals with one hand is really smart. Get your self right when there is help about that can do whats needed.

  • Well was a secretary in my time but its difficult typing left handed ha ha

  • I can take off a bra with one hand. :)

  • Well its not taking it off thats the problem its putting it on with one hand my left unfortunately!!!!! Ha ha lol

  • Have you got ( What I call ) a " front loader " ? The ones that do up between the cups ? Are they any better ? I'm a male so I'm only used to undoing them. :)


  • I beg your pardon I thought front loader was something to do with washing machines and dishwashers!! Sorry to disappoint. Better rush off into Cardiff tomorrow on the hunt for one.... oh you are clever hadn't even crossed my mind. Was too busy cooking the choccy and pecan brownies ha ha. You do make me laugh

  • We have Great Tits ,Green Tits,Blue Tits in the gardens and now libbygood is sugesting Swinging t..s..Do you not think there are enough T..s in the gardens already

  • I thought t***s were dying out according to the RSPB their numbers are dropping!!!!

  • Gonna have more laughs tomorrow my son has to re-bandage the hand!!!! Probably end up looking like a mummy rofl

  • With You're arm in a sling you can support them like Les Dawson did when gossiping!

    Carole x

  • this is all toooo funny LMAO xx

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