I don't believe it

Last week I wrote about the delights of Atos and their wonderful work capability assessment, (note the hint of sarcasm ).

Well the dreaded brown envelope arrived this morning and they have only found me UNFIT to work, I am gobsmacked to say the least, I was really expecting to be declared fit this time.

Just thought I would update you all xx

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  • you should appeal, it's hard enough to find a job without them saying your not fit to work

  • :D :D :D

  • Good news!

  • roflmao @ arran :)

  • great news,,you can relax and enjoy easter now ..:)

  • I know, I feel better already lol

  • Good news!

    Lynne xx

  • It's good news week someones got their ATOS right

  • Ridiculous isn't it that we feel we have to celebrate being believed?

  • Super...enjoy!


  • Fantastic news !!! Good for you :)

  • Thanks everyone, it's such a relief, but why do I feel guilty?

  • Well done, no-one only you knows how each day differs one to another. Glad to hear of your success and obvious relief!!! xxx

  • Soooooo pleased to hear your good news Poppin. Brilliant.

    With love

    C xxx

  • excellent. such a relief for you :)

  • poppin why feel guilty, camoron and clegg dont ,all the best ninnin

  • Yeay! Happy Easter!! :) x

  • Fantastic new, Happy Easter.

    polly xx

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