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For all you Easter Bunnies

Its 7.30 am and I am fine..... in bed with bucket load of tea and laptop and a nicotine pill - whoopee doooo! Which brings me to the point on April 8th it will be 6 months since I smoked a cigarette!! It has taken this long for me to feel alive again and full of beans so to speak.

So this is just to wish you all a lovely Easter and keep warm everyone. Love and hugs to you very special people. Lizzie xx

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Happy Easter Lizzie

Well done for giving up it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

polly xx

Thanks Polly ..... I also did it for my two sons aged 28 and 30. xx

Just looked at your location, used to live in Hall Green when the kids were younger!!

I used to live in Billesley and I married a man from Stonor Road in 1967 did you know it?

polly xx

Blimey! Dim and distant memories filtering back through the mists of time here! Lived in Hall Green, went to yardley grammar school on Warwick Rd, had my first and almost only ever drink (and kiss) at the Robin Hood pub with first boyfriend ....

Live in Cornwall now but still have the accent ;)

I lived in Priory Road, the children went to Mill Lodge Primary School ..... was there for 5 years and then moved south to Winchester to be close to my parents. How weird is that? Whereabouts in Cornwall are you?

Spent many a happy summer in Trittiford Park.

polly xx

Wishing you a happy Easter Lizzie. Sun is shining but it's really cold. we were up at 6-15 am, breakfast at 6-45 am, often wonder why when I'v e got all the time in the world, enjoy going to bed and enjoy getting up. Keep up the giving up of the cigs, you must be feeling great.

Lib x

I hadn't realised that until you mentioned it ....... I also enjoy going to bed and getting up ....... revelation!!!! However on these cold mornings find it difficult to leave the duvet ha ha xx

Happy Easter Lizzie, Iv'e never smoked but my daughter-in-law has just given up 3 months now and as we are very close I realise what a struggle it can be keep it up you are begining to feel the beifits. Love and good luck. Don't eat too many easter eggs. xx

I hope you have a great Easter, Lizzie, and everyone else. Maybe a warm sunny one. All the best Anniex

Have a good Easter Lizzie ! :)

Thanks Puff...... feeling a huge temptation to get down to M and S for those tempting chocolate hot cross buns ..... oh my days!!!

Go on. Spoil yourself ! :)

Best part of the day is the early morning,,,i have been getting up at 0530 for years,,mind you nowadays,, need a wee snooze by 2oclock.Have a great easter....

Happy Easter to you Lizzie,& a great pat on the back for doing so well off the fags.Go & spoil yourself with something nice

Love Wendells xx????

Sorry the ? Are due to me putting little flowers on the end,but ended up like that. When I pressed comment!!!

Well done you are now and always a non smoker! Not too many chocolate eggs to celebrate :)

Thank you in actual fact am just baking a batch of chocolate and pecan nut brownies!!!!

Keep looking in to my blogs for a good to laugh session.

For what an achievement, well done you. A little chocolate shaped reward on Sunday?

Happy Easter. P

Thank you ....... bring on a shed load of chocolate I say xx

I am glad you are feeling alive again Lizzie! I know exactly how you have been feeling, and I can promise you that it just keeps getting better! I quit 10 years ago now, and I enjoyed watching all the improvements arrive. There was always the fight with the Nicodemon to be had, but he kept me on my toes. Now you are feeling full of beans, do look ahead to the other joys coming your way.

"Never Look Back! The Future is Ahead!" Love Lolly. x

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