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Alwayssmiling(the judge).Rules for her proposed poetry competition for all HealthUnlockders

.....................................Alwayssmiling's poetry competition

................................................Rules and prizes.

..... All entries remain the property of KOTC and may be used for intimidating purposes.

Competition open to all HealthUnlockders not just VIRGIN

If you do not like the terms and conditions then YAHOO

and float off over the sea to SKY

All entries must be PC

Poems to be written in a FACE BOOK

and any other judges must be TWITTERED

Alternatively they can be SKYPED

Poems must be robust and not MICROSOFT

You must not DOODLE



by a date on CALENDER

No drumming up support by EMAIL

no contacting fellow BLOGGERS

All entries will go before the READER

but will not be allowed to DRIVE.

No searching for ideas in SCHOLAR

or passed around in CIRCLES

Once entered you may not DELETE

Try to polish your poem up like CHROME

You may store poem for safety in DOCUMEMTS

or on your NOTEPAD

Any photographs included will not be returned to PICTURES

You consent to the PUBLISHER

publishing your PROFILE

There will be no FAVORITES

You may use a rules TRANSLATION

Poems must not be CROPPED

if they are they will be returned to ORIGINAL

It is expected that the entries will amount to quite a VOLUME

in the event of overload you will be DISCONNECTED

It is not known WI-FI

The main prize will probably be an APPLE

Not that the judge gives a FLICKr

The winner will be announced after alwayssmiling has REDDIT

To give everyone a fair chance alwayssmiling and KOTC are not allowed to enter.

Richard Cornish


Drum up support and take a friend to your local Breathe Easy

Want to join?Phone BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon- Fri- 10am-6pm for details

82 Replies

Bugger that,,,,,,far to many brain cells needed,,,they die off if you think too hard you know,,,gonna use the 3 i have left wisely,,,,,


You have probably got a lot more brain cells than the other contestants.On the other hand maybe n..................


Does that mean i have won o mighty teller of jokes,,grovel grovel


alwayssmiling is the judge,not me


When's the closing date, I may be some time, in which case I may have forgotten about it by then?


I've got the first line already "I wandered lonely as a cloud......." Was thinking of some reference to flowers maybe, yellow? I'll see how it goes,


Then got hit by a bus,,,,,,does that help


Keep thinking,it will come to you !


Sometime after April 7th


I’m writing a poem about my cat Lily

Sometimes she’s clever, sometimes she’s silly

She wakes me up in the middle of the night

Her face pressed to mine, it gives me a fright

All she wants is to go for a pee

But never considers how it affects me

Soon she’s back all curled up and cosy

But I’m wide awake and not very happy

One hour, two hours, three hours go by

At 5am I’m watching Quincy ME

All in all though I wouldn’t swap her

She’s my little sweetie and she knows I love her


PS: I think I need a prize for speed?


Keep away from amphetamines libby7827 speed kills and more risk we do not need with nice and slow the copd way.


I refer yoy to the judge to see if there is a catagory for speed.


Very inspirational.


I thought I’d write a little ode

But could not seem to find the CODE

I did not contact my other BLOGGER

And I do not know of any SCHOLAR

I think I’ll finish this little TOME

As I do not like to polish CHROME.

Load of rubbish but hey it is early in the morning and I'm only on my first cup of tea. xx


Very trying,top marks for effort


I'm on my second, ex-blonde,

Of tea I am very fond.

Coffee I like too,

Of alcohol I have no clue,

Soft drinks for me every time,

This is such a silly rhyme

Shows my brain isn't working,

That's usual, always shirking!


That's a good entry


When I use my computor I use a mouse,

Unfortunately It's not the only one in our house,

I've only just learnt how to copy and paste

And I know all about upper and lower case,

I'm now part of the Twitter and Facebook set

Although I havn't quite got the hang of them yet

I'ts taking every brain cell I poccess to compose this

If I don't win I shall I'll know you're just taking the p***


I dnt thnk u 2 shd wn

No cmptr spk ws n


I wouldn't take the p***.Winning is up to the judge.


plse plse prtt plse


I envy poetical people. I was god at English Grammar and composition at school but poetry defeats me!!


Come on annie .give it a go.You have plenty of time to enter


I will try and do my best!! Dont want to be a wet blanket, King but rather paint a picture - of you!!


That wonderful picture of..............


Hey King..well thought out! Allow me to submit my own short* offering; (*in every way,lol)

To write some lines ~ it ain't half bad,

Might be happy - could be sad.

Express yourself ~ it cannot fail,

You know we love to read your mail !

Lovelight x


Love it.


So, buttering up the organisers may work????? Ha ha!


Now Now,as if!


I've only got low fat!


We can all be poets, just words after all,

No need to be fancy or use any tech tool,

Let it flow from the soul, try, give it some thought,

We all went to school and English were taught.

Poetry is easy, should not cause despair

So put some words down, yes, you have it right there,

Not quite so bad now and you know I am right,

Just keep on blogging on this wonderful site.

Love to all, xxxx


Is there some poetic licence there.


went at a skool wiv no teck my england

add teech grab scruft neck no undiestand

sole an cod is brayne foode wee new

skool dinars wiv wartree stue

writting korz a froun in skool sit a bakk

lernz ower teech got owt wiv a sakk

i new woz ssad in knot rite

teech gived owt soggie bull@skyte


What is the dialect???????????????


The minister for health, Jeremy Hunt,

had a son who was so alike, they named him Mike,

They seek him here, they seek him there

has anybody seen Mike anywhere,

be careful when you shout

has anybody seen Mike Hunt about




13 minutes ago

I envy poetical people. I was god at English Grammar and composition at school but poetry defeats me!!

The word of god ?

you are a poet

you just don't know it


One needs to be able to say it aloud one does.


I mean GOOD!!!!


Your typing is a bit strange exblonde, think it might be that spider you've got on your head.!!


It must be eating the 1/4 of brain I have left.


That is no spider it is exblonde's electronic brain in disguise


Have cocktails will.............


Sounds a little screechy


My dear KOTC do you know how much I love you? What with taking over the world and putting it right with poetry I would never have had such fun without your help. I am trying to pack to go away but this is much more interesting. I will make my final judgement on my return, next Sunday. Follow the King's rules they are great and a non rhyming poem in themselves.

'Til next week I remain yours in mischief :)


Enjoy your break Judge.I am sure the standard of poems is going to give you a hard time when it comes to the judging.The task ahead of you is phenominal.


This poetry is better is better than pain killers, so whats first prize

king of the cock tails, I do so hope its a nice big surprise

hugs & xxxx's

to you & your Mrs.


Hi vikky.The prize is written in the rules and regulations.It will be a nice surprise, the thought and expense that has gone into is by no mean feet demeaning.


There was an old lady from Wales

Who used to catch fish by their tales

A mermaid one day said please go away

So now she just writes silly tales.


A fishy entry!!


Try to do better next time, it's the spider getting to me....



Hope come anew

in pastel ray

diamond dew

at dawning day

come true

in dreams stay

innocence once knew

beauty holds sway

in you


The Contender


I hope you Beeze Home with that one


The judge will be looking


I can't for the life of me think

Of a poem about something pink

there's a lot about blue

and of black there's a few

so I'll leave with a nod and a wink ;)


Eye Eye


Have decided that my poetic efforts are not for publication,,as they are crap.....


That doesn't really rhyme


Try to find a word that rhymes with one of these: month, orange, silver, purple.


Clever clogs!


This is hard

As I am no bard :)

I never really knew !

Did you ?

That those sticks of 'cool'

Made me such a fool

'Coffin nails', someone told me

As I smoked ignorantly

Now I know

Too late though !

To live the best I can

Is my daily plan

For living life

Is worth the strife


I think this one needs to be disqualified - for being too good!


Libby.Stop trying to influence the Judge!!!!


I've never nobbled a judge in my life! (and am too old and tired to start now, hee hee)


Up for a prize??????????


Pollyjj loves the summer but it'sthe winter that is hated

We don’t know where Aunymary is located

Spiderman also does not have a home

But Cinderellas bath is where he seems to roam

Seasidesusie seems to be

In the middle of the sea

Her little doggie must get a shock

When she lets him out for his walk

Gordon is always around when our computers have us at a loss

Do you think he is the secret boss

And as for the King what can we say

Without him we would not want to come out to play.


Welcome into KOTC's playground.


The sun disappeared, where did it go ?

Spring arrived as a load of snow

We coughed and sneezed from morn till night

Keeping medics busy with our plight

Huffin and puffin with legs on go slow

We struggle along thinking when will it go

This weather that's kept us all so low

To sit in the garden with sun on our face

Would put us all in a happier place.


Very well voiced


In My Dreams

I walk slowly and can’t manage far,

I travel to most places in my car,

I sit at my window and watch the birds,

Their beauty defies conventional words.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My grandchildren know I can’t chase around

But my lap is there and easily found,

When I sit in a chair it is a comfortable place

And we can chat face to face.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My children know I am there when they want to talk,

And I can ride in my ‘chariot’ while they walk.

I don’t have to worry about comfortable shoes

I can go for miles without aching feet blues!

And I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

When you light up that cigarette and have a drag,

Just remember it was years of smoking a fag

That has made me as I am today,

In money and in health you pay.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

Keep smiling

Carole x


We can all have our dreams.


This is beautiful.


This brought tears to my eyes Carole. So true, I dream quite a lot, I always have, but I don't think I've ever had a dream in which I'm not healthy - I find that strange. A beautiful poem and so apt for this forum. Libbyxx


Oi' ve bin sat ere cogitating,

this ere thing bout poetry makin,

till me brain cells are all vegitatin,

and my thoughts are not worth dedicatin,

so me thinks oyl just leave it at that.


Quite a rhyme that is fine


Thankyou kingy


Very commendable, but I am not allowed to influence the judge!


Basinga Entry for Contest ?

My Spirit is good but the Future looks bleak.It`s so long ago that I was at my Peak

My Lungs are worn out, my breathing is weak,viision and hearing are bad,my bones creak,

Must`nt laugh else my Bladder springs a leak! Feeling cold so a warm woollie I must seek.

Thanks to Healthunlocked Bloggers for keeping me cheerful! Basinga.


You deserve a medal for that



Thanks for kind comment, so surprised I gave a Squeak !

I belong to 2 "Breathe Easy" s ,some months 2 in a week,

Can recommend, we always have interesting experts to speak.

Many Thanks for the" British Lung Foundation",it`s unique.


Id like to be out there

Where the weeds just stand and stare

They know i.m on my way

They're just not sure which day !

Maybe there.s a conspiracy

To keep me stuck in here

So the weeds can fight my flowers

Trying to appear

So when the aches disappear

I shall dress up warm and go

Trowel in hand to the garden

And tell those weeds

The same as I told the snow !!!!


Very cultural.It has got to be digging in.


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