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All the girls had ugly gym slips.

It took five minutes for the TV to warm up.

Nearly everyones Mum was home when the kids got home from school.

Nobody owned a pure bred dog.

You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.

When a Ford Zepyr was everyone's dream car.............

And people went steady.

No one ever asked where the car keys were because they were always in the car,in the ignition,and the doors were never locked.

Spinning around,getting dizzy and falling down was a cause for giggles?

You mother wore nylons that came in two pieces.

All male teachers wore ties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels.

You got your windscreen cleaned,oil checked and petrol served,without asking ,all for free,every time..

It was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents.

They threatened to keep children back a year if they failed the school year...And the did!

When being sent to the headmasters office was nothing compared to the fate thatawaited you at home

The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was@chicken pox'?



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Girls had ugly navy blue knickers as well I seem to recall. :)

Knickers or BLOOMERS?

I think bloomers is more apt. :)

Hidden in reply to Puffthemagicdragon

Mine were bottle green, and fluffy inside.

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

Did the fluff tickle you and that is why you are alwayssmiling?Oops

Hidden in reply to KingoftheCocktails

It's a thought, hang on to it!

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Mine also were bottle green.

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

I think that was the favorite color

We called our neighbours Mr and Mrs...

Proper respect.

A special summer treat was in the pub car park. My Dad would have half a pint (he rarely drank), Mum had a Babycham and I got a vimto and a bag of crisps. Heaven!

Lynne xx

It was something special to remember

I had a teacher in primary school who was rather large - when she turned to the blackboard and was reaching up to wipe it off, her skirt rode up at the back and you could see her stockings only came just above her knees and were held up with bits of elastic!!! I wonder if she ever found out why her pupils always sniggered while she was cleaning that blackboard??!

You snigger libby,surely not.

Me? No, I was the ONLY one who didn't snigger! (said with fingers crossed and, oh dear, sniggering!).

Little miss goody two shoes! Teachers pet!


Gawd,i cant remember what i had for dinner,,what was the question again,,,,,,,oooooooh yes bottle green and fluffy,,,the cat left it on the mat,,,new it would come to me....

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

I am lost for words,confused are'nt we? is there a cure ,I do not know ,I am not the medical man.Am I?


And little boys wore shorts showing their knobbly knees

And chased the girls threatening them with worms or frogs or something else equally nasty

And boys were the only ones who misbehaved at school and got the cane :)

Bev x

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden


We always used to go to South Shields for Easter and I remember my mom making my brother wear short trousers so she could get a cheaper train fare for him. He was not happy.

We didn't have chocolate Easter eggs but boiled ones that we used to paint.

polly xx


libby7827 in reply to pollyjj

I'd forgotten about the egg painting! My mum also used to boil eggs in onion skins after we'd made patterns on them with a candle, they'd come out brown with cream patterns. Why didn't I do this with my son????!

Do it with your son?????????????? I don't think he would have liked being boiled

You're not supposed to enjoy punishment KOTC, unless you're that way inclined!!

No buses, no shops or anything else open and no papers on GoodFriday, just a quiet day when the seed potatoes were planted. Oh what a peaceful and uncluttered life. Keep well and cheerful.

Carole x

Grounds to hard to be planting teddies now


I always had a new dress and white socks to wear Easter Sunday. The only downside if I wanted an egg I had to collect them from the chickens and they used to peck my legs till I got wise and wore wellies. My grandad always helped me to paint my egg with cochineal.

I love this site it always brings back memories that I had long forgotten. xx

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

And your easter Bonnet with all it's frills upon it!

I had a pocket in my knickers ! and I wore a liberty vest on top of my ordinary vest

Not sure what I put in my pocket, I suppose it was for my hankerchief. Kids don't have hankerchiefs any more, they use tissues or their sleeve.

Lib x

i coudn't do without my hankie even nowadays

Talking of teachers, every one had a different weapon to scare us with. One woman teacher had a slipper. She was almost as small as the kids, but by god we wouldnt get on the wrong side of her as she could really use that bloomin slipper. After battering you with said slipper she would cheerfully send you to the headmaster for another few whacks of his cane. Guess what though, we only had two naughty boys in our very large class. Makes you think!!


...Sundays _ church in the morning, followed by a delicious roast dinner. Roast beef, yorkshire pudding with fresh veg and new spuds with mint from the garden - Oh bum!, I'm hungry now . Sunday evenings in the winter with a roaring fire and Sing Something Simple on the radio xx

KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

You were so so lucky!


I remember the 'gaberene?' black school coat/mac.

Great heavy thing when I was at Infants school ....

also the little bottles of milk you had to drink before 'playtime', in summer more like yogurt (if you were lucky), in winter with lumps of ice ... the 'milk monitor' bringing them in

Learning to write with a pen, as opposed to pencil meant a wooden rod with a pen nib attached and an ink well full of ink and blotting paper so dipping in the pen produced little fluffy blobs of soggy inky fluff on the pen

Sorry .............. being REALLY boring as well as showing seriously advanced age



KingoftheCocktails in reply to Hidden

My grandfather had the first bottling plant in North Devon on his farm and he used to bottle the school milk and so called orange juice!

An article in todays Daily Mail (sorry) tells the story of a woman who gave up her central heating for a week. She didn't make the week, her poor little luvies were suffering so much from the cold. Gordon Bennet, they wouldn't have lasted five minutes when I was young. A glass of water used to freeze at the side of my bed.

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