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can someone help please.i was, and am very sob.... on ambulatory 02. stats drop to 80 off 02, i was given salbutamol nebs which helped, but i have had to come off of really a bank hol coming up, and an 02 delivery of 4 cannisters on thursday, will then have to last me til next Tuesday.,,,.impossible,.i dont have a condenser as i am very unsteady.(fear of falls.)in a lot of pain due to a leg ulcer.struggling atm.

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maruth, give the BLF Helpline tomorrow, between 10am and 6pm (their number is 03000 030 555) and explain your worries to them, I'm sure they will be able to offer appropriate help and advice :)

Do you have an ordinary Ventolin inhaler to use instead of the salbutamol nebs ? I've just come off nebs too because I don't want to take my nebuliser machine when I go on a flight in April. My respiratory nurse says it's the general opinion that using the Ventolin inhaler (with a big spacer device) is equally effective.

Try not to worry too much as this will only make your shortness of breath worse.

Keep on keeping on ............



If needs must and you are really short of O2 over the bank holiday then you should do 999 and/or arrange to go to A and E

Not a perfect solution but for peace of mind you need a fall back plan ... all it takes is a call

You have a right to this care, they will come out and help .... don't forget

Take care

Let us know



Do not hesitate to 999 or A & E, I did that once .......... Came out of a 3 day coma in ICU where I stayed, trachy needles and tubes everywhere, for three weeks and have never recovered by a long way. Seek the help you need the cost to your health if you don't can be horrendous take my word for it !

Get yourself a community matron as soon as you can.

Good unknown,



I meant good luck but am a bit out of it - meds



i know the feeling,xxx


thank you both for replying,i use Bricanyl.but its not suitable for a spacer,and not all that effective.the nebuliser did help.but i have to do what they say,i f all else fails i would use them,but i will tell them first..the back up plan is good,i would use it deffo.

i have texted the oxygen nurse,not holding my breath tho,for the outcome,

will let you know, thanks again.


Oh yes do let us know - and enjoy your Easter too.



Make good preparations maruth it will be a long holiday be safe calling the helpline is good advice.


I bought myself a portable nebuliser on Boots website, it costs about £80 and is a lot faster than the usual nebuliser but just as effective.


many thanks to all of you ,i messaged the 02 nurse last night,when i had no reply ,i tried to ring her again.....message said ...on hol til Tuesday......any how ,she had passed message on , and they rang to say 2 cannisters will be sent out Sat morning.. the delivery man left me with 2 extras,today, so the situation is better, the 02 lady is coming here on Tuesday.

,i will still have to be careful,but it looks better tonight than last night,,,,,stress levels were soaring !!

the delivery man said there is always someone on duty,and that they would get to 4 hours, but he needed to know i was safe

everyone has been so kind,bless you all, Maruth


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