A Top Tip when Posting on a Forum

As anybody else come across this. You write a blog on a forum dosnt have to be this one it can be any. A blog that may have taken you ages to complile and write. Then you hit the send button and you get (Error 404) you pull your hair out and have to start all over again. I know I have been done a few times like this. So what I do and maybe some people do the same is to short cut copy your blog and paste to retry until sent. Just a small tip but saves a lot of heart ache.

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  • Thanks Carl. I also started doing this when I had so many 'lost' comments. It is a good tip.

  • Thanks Carl,I will remember that! It is so frustrating seeing that 404 error,I have sometimes given up trying to post.More so since useing an iPad I've noticed.

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Writing in a word processor such as notepad before copy pasting into a blog works for me.

  • Yeh thats fine in WP you can save the copy to Good Point

  • :( thank you for that tip It happened to me yesterday !

  • I use Lazarus Form Recovery. It saves what you have written and you just click " recover text " and it's there.


  • You can also highlight the text and press control and c. This will save it too. When you ready to try again press control and v. Its quicker than cut and paste.

    Bev x

  • All useful tips I am sure. Avoids that awkward moment when you lose it

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