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Having Home oxygen, should one inform the "House" Insurance company?


Hi all, as someone who uses a concentrator at home, I have heard of someone in a similar position informing their insurance company who deal with buildings and contents. This is in case of fire they tell me. Has anyone had any experience in this and / or are there any regulations set down requiring this. Just asking before I contact my insurance company?


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I'm not sure if you have to inform them but I think it's best to and it doesn't alter the premium. Ours didn't anyway. I'm not sure if there are regulations but the chap who installed our concentrator suggested it was best to.

I did and there was no problem! M

It's a good idea to do it Mark, as - if there is a fire at the house and you submit a claim - your claim could be refused if you hadn't informed them. Insurance companies ALWAYS look for a get-out clause where claims are involved so pre-empt them at every opportunity.

When I was using oxygen at home (thank goodness I no longer need it) I called my insurance company to tell them. The girl at the other end just said she would make a note on the 'system'.

I would also advise that you let your local Fire Brigade know there is oxygen at your property. If there is a problem/fire at the house, they need to know this information. I had a visit from 3 (yes, three!) hunky, chunky firemen ........... *goes all peculiar at the memory* ;) who checked that all exits were clear and that the concenrator and back up cylinder were not in 'risky' positions.

Hello Markcpap, just to add to the other answers, it's also a good idea to tell your motor insurer if you take it out in the car, and if you ring you're electricity supplier they will put you on priority in case of power cuts. Keep smiling :D

Carole x

i no you should tell the fire department and the police

My oxygen suppliers informed the fire department and they checked my house out, I presumed this was normal. I'm in Scotland and my oxygen provider is Dolby. They are fantastic.

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. Have just phoned my insurance company and she took the details of the concentrator and back up cylinder. Said that had now been noted on file. She said it was a good idea to inform them and thanked me. No extra premium or money for this :-) Will contact fire brigade to ensure they know about my oxygen. I was thinking the supplier Air Products did that for me. I am already on the electrcity priority list as I have had power cuts here.

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