Update on Dall05

Hi everyone :)

I am Dall05's daughter. This is just an update to say he is settling into the QE nicely. He's still smiling as per usual and finds out ultimately if he gets on the transplant list this Thursday. He really enjoys blogging and talking with all of you so I know he would appreciate any messages you have.

Hope everything is well with everyone else and will keep you updated with more news as the week progresses.

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  • Hello dall's daughter :) and thank you so much for popping in to let us know how your dad's doing x It's good to know that he's still smiling and I hope that Thursday brings him the best of news. We all enjoy reading his blogs and can't wait for him to come back in fine spirit.

    Please give him a big ((((((((hug))))))))) from me :)

  • Hi Sweet

    Thank you so much for letting us know how your Dad is doing. Glad he is settling in and am hoping he gets the news he is hoping for on Thursday.

    Lots of love and best wishes

    C xxx

  • Hi, thanks for updating us - am sure we all wish him the very, very best to you all. Keep letting us know how he's doing! Libby

  • Hi Dall's daughter, ditto all the above, best wishes and watch those nurses I know what a woman in uniform can do to a man.

    Good luck to you bth,


  • Hi, DAughter ..all the very best to Dall ...keep us in touch. Love Annie80

  • Fingers crossed for Dall. Give him a (((HUG))) from me too. x

  • All comments above are a ditto from me and good luck for Thursday x

  • Thanks so much for keeping in touch with us much appreciated! Your Dad and allthe family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Do hope Thursday brings the news you want!!

    Big hugs to you all.

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Thanks for letting us know. Best of luck too.

  • Hi there! Thanks for letting us know how your dad is doing. I look forward to hearing from after all the tests in his own inimitable way! Please pass on my regards.

    Marie x

  • Keeping fingers crossed for him :)

  • Tell him,,it nice and peacefull on the site just now,,,,that should spur him along to get better faster,,wishing him nothing but good news

  • Such a thoughtful daughter you are-all good wishes to Dall and wishing him all the luck in the world for Thursday...hugs...

  • We will all be thinking of him. Thank you for letting us know.

    Lynne xx

  • Hello, wishing your dad well, we are all waiting to hear how he gets on.

    Lib x

  • new to this site, but all the best hope its good news

  • Hello Donkeyonthehorizon, it's good to hear your Dad is smiling, please give him my very best wishes, will be thinking of him! :) xxx

  • Wishing dall all the best for Thursday. Thank you for keeping everyone informed.

    polly xx

  • Keep your Dad smiling and I will have some laughter ready for him when he comes out.


  • Wishing your dad dall all the very best for thursday, glad he still smiling, we are all thinking of him and thank you daughter for letting us know, take care xx

  • Thanks for letting us all know. Tell your dad I still have everything crossed and i can't wait for Thursday to be over for him. I am sure he will be back on the terraces before he knows it.



  • Hello! So grateful to you for keeping us updated with your dads' news. Fingers crossed for Thursday x

  • keeping us posted is lovely of you...all best to u both. x

  • hi darling has your dad got COPD because i know what it is like hope all goes well and that he feels better all the best xx

  • So good of you to let us know how your dad is getting on. What a lovely daughter you are! Thinking of dall05 and wishing him all the very best. Will wait to hear how things go. Take care all. xxxxx

  • Goodl luck hope all goes well xx

  • He really does have a great smile, please give him my very best wishes and tell him I will give the "hills" a miss till he gets back.

    su xx

  • Good luck dall hope you get it David

  • Hi There

    I hope your dad is OK.

    Please let your dad know i have responded to his private message - cryptically tell him it's fine.

    Best Wishes


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