Placebo - the perfect pill for whingers

Hypochondriacs are themselves a pain – and they take up valuable surgery time.

As with the benefits system a few people abusing the system causes all claimants / patients to be treat as if they were taking advantage of free at the point of source assistance.

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  • I would imagine that hypochondria is an illness in itself, albeit a psychological one?

  • Treat as a mental health matter not using vital GP services not much for doctors treating with placebo using time and money that physical illness needs

  • I agree 100 pc libby x

  • Effective treatment if 97% of doctors are using it physiology or psychology very much a grey area for researchers. The worried well clogging up consulting rooms after a trip round Google searching for ailments takes up time needed for the genuinely sick something that will make waiting two weeks for a GP appointment all the more annoying.

  • Absolutely right

    my mother was a sufferer of hypochondria, in the 'real' form it completely overwhelms the sufferer with constant and un-relievable fears regarding their health and possible imminent death .... there was no relief for my mother .... she phoned me, my brothers and her GP constantly ... eventually booked into hospital (to pacify her , by GP) where she contracted a MRSA and as she was on steroids and no strong immune system ... she died

    Do not dismiss hypochondria...its a serious psychological state and can have huge impact on the person and their family


  • Taking more than a fair share of medical resources because they are more vocal than those with chronic conditions it would not be dismissed any more than a medical condition can be more equality is not unreasonable.

  • Oh your poor mum bolilly. This is just another article, probably more suited to The Sun, that will cause prejudice and anger against people who are vulnerable. Personally, I don't really see how this article has anything to do with this forum.

  • Thank you was a dreadful time

    My mother and my brothers and I were tormented by her illness

    Its often treated as a joke and in its 'man flu' style , fair enough


    thanks again was dreadful, but is now in the past , tho still in my mind

    xx Bolilly

  • Well I was a very strong capable person in my previous life (!), I functioned perfectly well with emphysema, even after I hit the severe stage and then, out of the blue, I was hit by copd related anxiety last year; it makes this illness seem ten times worse. I would be the last person I would have thought would become prisoner to anxiety so it makes me bristle when I see this type of thing being looked down upon by those who just don't understand. Libby

  • Sufficient mental health treatment should be available that treatment is not left taking up valuable time from busy doctors that have no training in treating hypochondriacs leaving the patients that could be helped waiting for appointments.

  • First point of call has to be a gp though, are you suggesting that a diagnosed hypochondriac doesn't visit the gp when they are ill, imagined or real, but should see their mental health specialist instead? How would that work? And what would happen if the time came when they really did have a serious illness?

  • Hi Libby

    I feel for you

    I have seen what severe anxiety can do ...I do hope you can or are getting help for this from your GP

    Lots of good wishes for a relaxed and worry free time


  • I am wondering if there is a thin line dividing hypochondriacs and those genuinely taking precautions against any health problems. The first group could be worrying needlessly and the second group saving time for the NHS. Difficult.

  • The dividing line is which group need mental health treatment and those requiring physical treatment it helps neither group mixing them up.

    In lung disease the treatment is specific to the illness it should not be tranquilizers and a happy smile masking a condition where the patient can not breathe at the same time giving antibiotics for a virus because it produces the same happy smile from a patient.

  • A question of priority

  • Thanks for that Dasis. Am so incensed at that horrible article, which mentions, amongst other things "hypochondriacs are shameless liars" and "whingeing healthy people". The article's a disgrace and the woman who wrote it should be ashamed. Yes, there are people who go to the doctor unnecessarily, but the article is supposedly about hypochondria which is a psychosomatic disorder that they can no more help than someone who has a very real physical illness. And yes, there should be more help available.

  • My eldest sister is a hypochondriac. She suffers from terrible anxiety and it is pitiful to see her. However because of this and because she gabbles endlessly at doctors they have obviously got fed up with her. I can't totally blame them but they don't seem to have any common sense. She suffers from agrophobia and when the doctor last visted her he took her off her anxiety pills and just told her to come into the surgery if she wanted more! How he expected her to do that I don't know. She also has a bad cough and a bad limp (I have witnessed these) and they just ignore these which makes her more anxious. Its a vicious circle. So I do have sympathy with hypondriacs. But I don't know what the answer is. It is a sympton of anxiety though and that should be taken seriously.

    Bev x

  • I fully agree with stitch,,,,sounds like a wee bit of foot stamping going on,,,which is not relevant to lung disease,,,

  • The old memory is not as bad thought then only selective lapses and how is this relevant to lung disease, foot stamping fully agree.

  • Relevance to lung disease is that they are among the clinically proven cases waiting for attention when psychological cases are taking up the time of doctors

  • Foot stamping or flaming?

  • Yes agreed what has Hypochondria got to do with lung diseases which is what this site is about. Seems the main subject of this site as fell by the way.

  • Forgive me for not contributing on garden birds

  • There illness is as real to them as owers are to us !!

  • There illness is as real to them as owers are to us !!

  • The treatments should surely differ if we are not giving treatment based on what patients believe they have unless there is some point I am missing.

  • As we you represent a committee or similar group larger than one person a gang of some kind taking a prejudiced view of my philosophy

  • "The point you're missing is that we believe your philosophy is unnecessarily cruel and unjust, unfair and biased"

    A pattern of agreement is stated in "we believe"

    Enough rubbish who do you represent with this statement ?

  • The private discussions of "we" are again a statement that a gang exists.

    Once more I ask who do you represent ?

  • "we" represents the tone of the majority of the comments on this article. (a) the subject matter is a health matter that does not apply to this forum (b) most of us, i.e. "we" have found the views of the so called journalist offensive and (c) the bird blog is perfectly acceptable and is a welcome way of taking us away from our illnesses, as do the jokes and other frivolous posts.

  • At last an identity for "we" the most vocal are the majority with no further need of discussion .

    All posters are welcome to state opinions they are not free however to dictate my opinion .

    The health matter affected is the clogging of the health services with the walking well. Next time you are unable to have an appointment for a physical illness consider what is causing the delay, inappropriate treatment of hypochondria is sufficient reason for discussion in a medical forum.

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