Why doesn’t the BLF want me as a member ?

Why doesn’t the BLF want me as a member ?

Sorry but I must have this little rant. I applied for membership on 16th of JANUARY on 17th JANUARY they took the £10 membership fee from my bank account but I have never received my membership pack. I have emailed the e-shop and BLF but have had no reply. Last week in desperation I rang the helpline I spoke to Jo who put me onto someone else also called Jo who said she would look into it and call me back, which she did I’m not sure which Jo this was she sent me a breathe easy magazine but still no membership pack. This is really upsetting me I know it is stupid to get upset but this morning when the mail arrived and no pack I burst into tears. I don’t know what else to do If for some reason they don’t want me they should at least refund my fee.

Any suggestions on what I can do next ?

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  • Don't take it personally pet, it's obviously a mistake, get back onto the helpline. It took quite a while for mine to arrive too. Maybe some of the information they like to include in the pack is being reprinted or something? Whatever the reason, it's definitely not going to be that you're not wanted, of course you are! I know how easy it is to get a bit paranoid when you're feeling ill and down, and the weather's rubbish, I'm feeling a bit got at too! I think you should have a chat to someone about it. Sometimes the side effects of our meds (particularly prednisolone if you're on it) make us feel like this.

    love, ff x

  • Thanks ff I just needed to get it off my chest.

  • ps what's it like in the vale of glamorgan today exblonde? I originate from there too, Cowbridge, and still have lots of family there, tho I don't get to see them very often these days

    ff x

  • It is very cold just 1deg but there is a bright ball in the sky someone said it's the sun.

  • I ordered my pack last week so I will now wait and see how long mine takes to arrive


  • Don't hold your breath lol

  • How do we apply to be a member, I'd quite like to join.


  • Go to blf.org.uk

    Click on How we can help you

    4th line down on left Join the blf

    Good Luck

  • Hi Blonde,

    I still haven't received my membership pack either :(

    Like you the money has gone from my bank account but that is it.

    Emailed the shop but no reply .

    Maybe we will hear soon :)

    Take care


  • Hello - my name's Bryony, I'm part of the Individual Giving team at BLF and we are responsible for the BLF membership scheme. I am so sorry for the upset caused here. We try to ensure that all new members receive their membership pack within a fortnight. I'm sorry that your pack did not get to you within this time, and that there has been so much confusion in getting this sorted out since. If you can please email your name and address to membership@blf.org.uk so that I can look up your details, I will send you the full membership pack by first class post.

    I can assure you that I will be looking into what went wrong here to make sure that in future new members do not experience similar difficulties. If you would like to discuss this matter further, you can also call me on 020 7078 7920.


  • I will do this right now. Thankyou.

  • Just checked my emails and I wrote to you about this on 22 January but you didn't respond. Please don't ignore me.

  • I didn't have any problem when I joined. I think I got everything within a month.

    Lynne xx

  • Membership was £15 when I joined blfgifts.com/products/94-me... have you made a donation of £10 that explains not been so exblonde

  • No it is quite clearly stated the membership cost is £10.

  • Hi

    There are 3 rates of membership fee - one for health care professionals and 2 for non health care professionals.

    There is a £10 and a £15 fee - all depends on a persons circumstances.

    So the issue "exblonde" has with not getting a Membership Pack has nothing to do with the membership fee she has paid.

    This issue may have now been resolved if "exblonde" has contacted Bryony - if not she can always contact me (as I have suggested in a message I have sent her) and I will help to sort this out.


  • Setting up a direct debit will renew the membership annually without any stress :-)

  • Hate to come in on this, but there does seem to be a delay with BLF dispatches by post. I ordered some leaflets quite a few weeks ago, and never received them. I was then emailed by Mark above to ask what I thought of the leaflets and informed him they never arrived, I have reordered them but am still waiting. Of course this is not about membership but does show that the postal system is lenghty. I am a member of BLF, have diagnosed COPD and make other donations besides membership fee. But am not receiving the service some others get i.e leaflets arriving in a matter of days.

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