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Research study - Do you have COPD? Using computers and mobiles to help keep active.

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Below are details of a research study being carried out at the University of Sheffield. If yowan to take part please do so - if you have any further questions please use the contact details below. Thsi research is not being carried out by the BLF.



Researchers at the University of Sheffield are looking for people with COPD to complete a survey, it will take approximately 30 minutes and your results will be kept confidential.

Research has shown that keeping physically active when you have COPD can have positive effects on your health and wellbeing. This physical activity could be through everyday activities like washing or climbing stairs, or taking part in exercise sessions, at the gym or swimming for example.

We know that factors such as breathlessness, other commitments, and hot or cold weather can make this difficult. It’s been suggested that technology like computers or mobile phones could be used help people with COPD stay active. We are trying to understand more about what people with COPD think about this. The results of the survey will help inform the development of a new technology aimed at helping people with COPD manage their condition better.

It doesn’t matter how much activity you currently do, or how much you use a computer, we are trying to get as broad a range of people with COPD as possible.

The survey can be done on paper and posted back (postage paid envelope provided), or can be completed online. For more information, or to take part, ring Kiera Bartlett on 01142 222 975, email, or type this link into your internet browser

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A very interesting subject for a thesis :) I have taken part in the survey and look forward to receiving a summary of the results in due course. My very best wishes go to Kiera.

I've done it too. There are some good ideas there.

Lynne xx

Thanks Mark, have just signed up, interesting subject for research.

Just getting used to all the new fangled gadgets,.

I have discovered you can have them on vibrate if your hard of hearing,

I keep it in my pocket because I could never find it, now I often ring myself up.

They say they make you go deaf, so I'm not taking any chances.

Done it

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very interesting ideas

Id be up for some of them,

I don't exercise enough and could do with a push

Just gunna get a cuppa tea and toast and will get stuck in

Done it Mark....very interesting.

The way forward Mark

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Iv'e done it would be really useful for me as I am quite lazy about excersising

Done it, will wait and see results. Sounds very interesting.

I've done this and I would definitely use it as I sometimes get stuck on the PC and forget what time it is so this would make me get off my rear end and out and about more often and the fact that it can use a group too is even better for encouragement.

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