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NO SMOKING - NRT - how long?


Can anyone give me an idea of how long to stay on nicotine replacement after quitting smoking? I'm using mini lozenges and e-cigarettes and am on day 6 of not smoking. I seem to need a lozenge when I wake up in the morning otherwise I'm liable to fall asleep seems to kick-start my adrenalin!

Is this normal?

I can then go all day without the lozenges and just occasionally 'vape'.



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It seems to me that you are doing well so far to give up smoking, lucky. I dont know much about these aids, but after a period of time, it might be good to get yourself off them. But you have to make the decision when. I dont know what goes into these lozenges - look at that.

I tried chewing gum but didn;t like all the stuff going into my system. Apart from the fact it gave me heartburn! And more expense. Give a few more days then review what you are taking. I admire you for what you are doing - keeping it up. love Annie80x


I have no experience of how long to use the lozenges or the ecigs. But don't come off too soon Lucky. It will mean you are at risk of smoking again. And you are doing so well. :)


I think most programmes aim for about 3 months, gradually tapering off.


I can't answer from personal experience, as I ave up with Champix which does not involve NRT.

I would strongly agree with the others though to not stop them too soon. I think many people keep using them for months.

Don't risk a smoking relapse by stopping them too early.

Lynne xx


Hi Lucky,

The lozenges I have are similar to the patches wherein you decrease the strength of them.

The ones I have are a 3 week course reducing the amount of NRT gradually.

Read the leaflet inside the box and it

should help you :)

Well done and keep it up .

Jan x


O Lucky I think everyone is different I gave up smoking 11 years ago and use NRT I came off the nrt after 8 weeks and stayed off the cigs for 3 and 1/2 years. Then I went back on the cigs. I was diagnosed with copd 3 years ago and stopped smoking straight away again using NRT this time I have stayed on the nicotine lozenges I use them as I need them I'm not planing on giving them up my gp said there ok and not harmful. I won't be going back on the cigs again I don't even miss them if I was offered a cigie or a lozenge I'd go for the lozenge so that's good.


Thanks Copdber but that's not strictly true. Nicotine does speed up your metabolism, heart rate, breathing etc and is also a natural pesticide so I'd rather not take it long term having font to the effort of quitting ciggies.

Having said that its each to their own and if it keeps you from smoking then I guess it can only be good.



Have you thought about trying one of the electric ciggies, my sister tryed everything and it failed she then went on to use one of the fake ciggies and she did better.


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