Something completely different for Easter--You'll love it!!

Runner up recipe in Breathing Space magazine 'Stew' recipe competition.(BLF Magazine)

...................................'BLISSFUL WINTER WARMER'

................................( or something completely different')




*1/2 kilo fresh Tripe cut into 2cm squares

*1/2 kilo potatoes peeled and diced small.

*290gm tin of mixed beans opened and drained

*1 large red onion peeled and diced

* salt & pepper to taste (if required)

*1 pint milk

*10gms butter


1 Sweat onions in butter over a low heat until tender.

2 Add the diced tripe to pan and cook over a low heat for 20mins

3 Add the diced potatoes,mixed beans, milk and seasoning

4 Bring to the boil,reduce to simmering for 1/2 hour or longer



..........................A SMILE



Work up an appetite to visit your local Breathe Easy Group

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38 Replies

  • Warming and filling in arctic conditions I am no lover of tripe an acquired taste I believe. :-)

  • Try it and see what you think

  • Haven't had tripe for years. I haven't seen it on sale - not sure. How about some herbs - it looks bland!!

  • Not bland at all annie .You have the succulent flavors of the tripe that do not need hiding!

  • This has got me wondering, Whats the food gonna be like at Birminghams Q E Hospital. Its the first time Iv'e been there as an inpatient and I doubt that your stew will be on the menu King.

    I always found Worcs Royal had a pretty good choice once you found the ones to avoid. I was in there for 4 months so I kind of had it sorted by the time I left. I still left there 2 and a half stone lighter than when I went in but thats what a month of life support and sedation does for you.

    I'll be missing my local Breathe Easy this week but I will probably cover a few miles walking the corridors of the QE to make up.

    Enjoy your stew King and stay warm. (not sure about the tripe)

    Tony. :)

  • Full of TRIPE,that,s me.

  • Was in the QE last April, food was OK, I actually enjoyed most off it. Avoid the porridge though, ugh....

  • Hospital food is excellent,just a shame they do not serve nutrional dishes like TRIPE

  • Pigs trotters back again not as cheap as they were though.

  • Picking bones are'nt you?Why waste money on bones when you can have lovely boneless tripe!

  • YUCK,,,

  • Does that word mean delightful?

  • Tripe KOTCs - yuk. Pigs trotters Rollup - yuk again.

    I have found from past experience Tony the better the hospital the worse the food. I was once in the Heartlands the best hospital for nursing and doctors, care and attention. We had our own named nurse, (it may be different now) but the food was absolutely disgusting. The Birmingham Q E is a good hospital so I hope the food is good too

    Lib x

  • HI Lib, I'll give the Hospital food a review and report back on Thursday. If there's pigs trotters and tripe I think I'm going to lose a few more lbs.

    The QE is a centre of excellence so foods gotta be good ain't it but if your experience is anything to go by then I'm in trouble and maybe I should take a packed lunch.

    Tony. :)

  • My friend has just come out of Nottingham QMC after five weeks having put a stone on.

    No TRIPE food there!

  • What a load of TRIPE!

  • You spell your Yuck differently to my Yuk id2409, but it still means the same yuuuuuuuck

    Lib x

  • Yummy Undulating Cooking Ken!

  • Just having a chuckle at some of the comments here...seems the old pigs trotters and tripe didn't go down too well, scoring a YUCK rating!!! Still, it's all suggestions and ideas for a good hot meal..Me thinks I'll stick with my homemade chicken stew and dumplings. Took a real fancy just lately to fresh salmon (bought from the local co.op), salad and crusty bread rolls - yum yum - if you like fish of course :-)

  • Hi Lovelight, I think your menu wins over the KOTC's , I think salmon for starters followed by your chicken stew with dumplings beats tripe hands down Ha Ha sorry King.

    Tony. :)

  • Lol.!'s hoping you are well catered for this week. All the best dall,


  • No contest Tripe everytime

  • Substitute Tripe for chicken.You will adore it!

  • Would luv the stew,,not so the fish,,,,,,,,,,, strictly a fur and feathers man..

  • Feather dusters EH??????????????? Tickle tickle!

  • My dad used to eat tripe (yuk). I preferred stuffed hearts, but has anyone eaten lights?

  • Find the glass hard to chew hehehe

  • I loved all the OFFAL dishes.Had no choice back in my day!

  • Thanks king but I think I will stick to my roast chicken.

  • You are never to young to change your taste buds annie.Another load of tripe!

  • tripe evolting, i can remember my foster mother eating and also pigs trotters, i used to go and eat my tame food in another room.


  • My grandmother used to have a tripe stew on the range all winter long for the farm workers to come into the kitchen at any time to help themselves.

  • couldn't eat tripe or trotters that,s worse than yuck its a eewwwww!! now salmon & chicken lovely, i,d even have liver & i highly recommend venison for stews, sorry KOTC but no thumbs up from me on this one :(

  • You are missing a real TRIPE (treat)!

  • hi could any 1 tell me were i can buy a cheap cheap spiometry hand held 1 from.thaks for any help.take care.

  • Try phoning the British Lung Foundation Helplinre on 03000 030 555 10am -6pm Mon -Fri.They are very helpful

  • OMG!!!! brings back memories from 33yrs ago when as a newly wed i decided to cook my hubby(the 1st) with tripe and trimmings for his dinner. Well it was just awful....i followed his mums recipe to the letter. HE LOVED IT. The other folk in the building pleaded with me never to make it again as the smell was horrendous.

    p.s. we lasted for other 20yrs after that despite nearly getting evicted :)

  • You cannot beat Mum's recipes.Tripe or not!

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