For you dad

Missing dad so much, I decided a while back to look into a memorial bench. Well it has all finally come together lovely.

It is to be in Porthcawl where we always used to go when I was little as a family and all my life really. It was the place where mam and dad would have moved to had they had the finances and we have so many precious memories it was the most fitting place. It is going right on the seafront where we used to go too and spend many days playing on the beach.

Hope you like it dad xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Tanya,

    That is such a lovely & befitting thing to do in memory of your .dear father.If ever i visit Porthcawl i shall look out for your Dads bench.Well done

  • What a lovely, lasting memorial.

    Lynne xx

  • A lovely gesture your father would be so pleased. My family did the same when my brother died and whenever we could we would go and sit on it and dream and talk about him. I hope you will get the same comfort


  • I think a bench in memory of a loved one is the best thing to do - with a favourite view. I have been glad to use them when the weather is good.

  • I'm sure your Dad will indeed like it. Wonderful memorial.

    With love

    C xxx

  • What a lovely thing to do Tanya. Not only do you have a memorial to your dad, you also have a place to go to "visit" him and you also provide a needed aid for others. :) xx

  • What a wonderful and precious thing to have done in memory of your Dad.

  • great news tanya, it will be there for all to see for many many years, and when your grandchildren look at it they will know their great grandad. xxx

  • Such a wonderful place for precious memories for all the family

  • lovely thought can it be done anywere.

  • what a lovely thing to do for yout dadx

  • Great idea Tanya. I want one on Selsey sea front looking out to sea. One of my favourite views.

  • How lovely!

  • How lovely!

  • I very often visit Porthcawl and take a long my scooter so I can get around the large prom there. A nice thought and will look out for the Bench:-)

  • That is wonderful tanyamarie and I am sure your dad will be looking down on you and the bench with pride. You take care. Lots of love xxx

  • it's perfect. I can go and sit on m Dad's bench .... soothing :) x

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