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Treadmill Torture!

From my perspective I can walk on a motorised treadmill with a slight incline (not measured) covering 600 metres in 16 minutes. After this period I am not totally breathless but laboured (between 5-7 on the 10-point Borg Scale). Pulse rate was under 120 bpm. I'm at Stage IV. I would be interested in how this compares with other sufferers.

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I haven't done a treadmill walk.I know a treadmill is harder but at Pulmonary Rehab I done 450 metres in 6 minutes. 3 to 4 on the scale. A bit puffed. Pulse rate about the same as yours. I'm also Stage 4.

I think we are the lucky ones going by the problems some have on here.

I mainly have emphysema without bronchitis as far as I know.

Hi Puff

How did they test you at rehab if not on a treadmill? Just asking as I've just got my appointment through and wondered what to expect? What stage is IV in terms of mild, moderate etc too please?



PS day 4 of not smoking complete!


My test was in a hospital corridor. Much more comfortable than a treadmill!

Well done keep up the good work, it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

polly xx

We had two markers 10 metres apart and just keep walking backwards and forwards for 6 minutes. If you can't do the 6 in one go, don't worry because you just do what you can do.

Stage 4 is very severe but don't take any notice of numbers. I can still walk up stairs and get only slightly puffed. I walk round the supermarket with my partner, although I sometimes have to stop for a breather. Carrying something heavy I find makes me short of breath quickest. It's just a matter of not trying to do too much at once.

Hi Puff

If I do a 6 minute walk on level ground which I did recently during a visit to my specialist I logged 400 metres - I had to contend with obstructions as it was in a hallway outside the consulting room - people walking up and down and in one case a wheel chair. I could probably bettered this - maybe next time. It is known that distances on a treadmill usually are "less" that that on level ground.

Hi Martin,

Will let you know after my appointment.

Best wishes,


I only do the treadmill at the gym and I can do 3.5 mph building up to a 6% incline for 35 minutes. By the end of that I am puffing a bit, but recover quickly. I have no idea about my heart rate, pulse etc as I don't monitor them.

I've never done a test as I haven't done PR (GP think I don't need it due to the exercise I do anyway, and as I work, I wouldn't be able to go every week).

In answer to your question Lucky, I think stage 4 is severe. I am moderate.

Lynne xx

You do better than me Lynne! But as you say we are all different. Still struggle outside in the real world though!!


Me too Marie. It's different out on the street. I think it's because of the changes in incline, the wind, the clothes we wear etc. it seems to make it much harder than in the sterile environment of a gym.

Lynne xx

Well I'm off to the gym this morning - really need to get back into it. Not been swimming for 3 weeks either!

But yes I agree it's the changed in incline, wind , clothes etc!

Marie x

I have a treadmill at home have not been on it for weeks just dont have the energy. Did the walk test 2 weeks ago but she stopped me at 3mins my sats had gone to low, still waiting for lung function test and ct scan.

polly xx

Once you get the correct medicines you should find things a bit easier. I know I did.

The stages.


I am classed as Stage 4 because my FEV1 is 27%.

The only thing that relates to me on Stage 4 is that I have oxygen for 15 hours a day but then again it's only 1/2 litre.The rest doesn't apply. So don't worry about what Stage you are classed at.

They had to give me a kiddies concentrator because an adult one doesn't go low enough !

" COPD Stage IV

You get short of breath doing low-energy activities like eating or showering

You have a chronic cough all the time, and cough up a lot of mucus

You have trouble breathing day and night and are unable to do activities you enjoy

Your lungs are very fragile and the flu, colds, and exacerbations can be life threatening

You may require oxygen therapy for day-to-day living "

Mild (stage 1) COPD is an FEV1 at least 80% of predicted value.

Moderate (stage 2) COPD is an FEV1 between 50% and 79% of predicted value.

Severe (stage 3) COPD is an FEV1 between 30% and 49% of predicted value.

Very severe (stage 4) COPD is an FEV1 less than 30% of predicted value.

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